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Published: November 7, 2019 | Updated: November 8, 2019

’20 Questions’ with Liz Willingham, President, Dorset Chamber, and MD of Liz Lean PR

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Each week we shine the spotlight on a member of Dorset’s business community and ask him, or her, for answers to our part fun/part serious questionnaire. This time…

Her favourite smell is National Trust old houses (!), she likes nothing better than a cheese souffle followed by a hot chilli con carne and gets angry when people are rude.

Liz Willingham, President of Dorset Chamber and Managing Director of Liz Lean PR, takes the 20 Questions’ hotseat.

Question: What’s your favourite TV show?

Answer: Stranger Things.

Q: Who would you like to share a lift with?

A: Vivienne Westwood or Bill Gates.

Q: The best bit of my job is…?

A: The variety of amazing people and businesses we meet.

Q: And the worst…?

A: I like words not numbers so finance is not my fave activity.

Q: Who was your childhood hero?

A: Marilyn Monroe.

Q: What’s your favourite smell?

A: Bizarrely, National Trust old houses! Lavender is pretty nice too.

Q: Where’s your favourite place in Dorset?

A: Winspit in the Purbecks, with a pint of cider in the Square & Compass afterwards.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out on a career?

A: Be patient yet agile, build strong relationships, be prepared to learn constantly.

Q: What was your first record/CD?

A: Fantastic by Wham!

Q: What gets you angry?

A: Rudeness.

Q: Do you have a favourite piece of music?

A: Too many to mention. I love music and have an eclectic taste. For fun times it has to be September by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Q: What are the qualities you look for in a new employee?

A: Attitude and aptitude. Caring by nature yet driven.

Q: What’s your favourite food or dish?

A: Cheese souffle. And a hot chilli con carne.

Q: Steamed sponge pudding and custard or a plate of melon?

A: Primary school put me off sponge puddings so the melon for me.

Q: Name the best thing about living/working in Dorset?

A: The team spirit of our wonderful business community.

Q: If you were Prime Minister for the day what would be the first thing you do?

A: Stick to what I know – try to address our country’s current reputation!

Q: What’s your biggest frustration?

A: The rail and road infrastructure issues we suffer in Dorset.

Q: Where’s your favourite holiday location?

A: So many – Cornwall/New York City/Maldives.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

A: At the dynamic core of the future of work…

Q:  What would you like to be remembered for?

A: Kindness and integrity, creativity and achievement.