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Published: February 9, 2020 | Updated: February 9, 2020

Absolutely perfect! PR agency launches new fashion brand which slims and flatters women

Sunny Bird, Founder of the Perfect Dress Company (fourth right) with (left to right) Danielle Langrish-Smith, Susan Children, Nicole Dawson, Jordana MacArthur, Sophie Knops, Bella Achiaou and Giorgia Mullard.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A Bournemouth PR agency is dressed for success after officially launching its very own dress company.

Sunny Bird PR came up with the idea of the Perfect Dress Company to demonstrate an understanding of the process clients go through when taking a consumer product from concept right through to customer purchase.

A VIP party was held at NEO restaurant in Bournemouth to launch the brand and also its range of dresses designed to specifically slim and flatter women of all shapes and sizes.

The event saw more than 100 guests, bloggers and journalists gather to celebrate the launch where they were treated to canapes, cocktails and exclusive goody bags.

As part of the evening’s celebrations, the eight winners of the Perfect Dress Company Model Search competition were unveiled.

The competition formed part of the Perfect Dress Company’s launch after the team discovered that today’s ‘real women’ didn’t feel represented by the fashion industry.

Teaming up with FIRST Model Management, Sunny Bird, Founder and Owner/Managing Director of the agency, offered two one-year modelling contracts with the firm.

All eight models won a one-year modelling contract with the Perfect Dress Company.

Sunny announced the winners on the night, starting with the winners of the Perfect Dress Company modelling contract.

They were:

  • Jax Hall, 36.
  • Susan Children, 60.
  • Nicole Dawson, 45.
  • Danielle Langrish-Smith, 33.
  • Sophia Knops, 39.
  • Bella Achiaou, 24.
  • Jordana MacArthur, 35.
  • Giorgia Mullard, 24.

The models, all wearing Perfect Dress Company dresses, were introduced by Sunny as they walked around the venue showcasing the designs.

The two winners of the modelling contracts with FIRST Model Management were Jordana MacArthur and Giorgia Mullard.

As part of the brand’s initiatives, the Perfect Dress Company website – –  has been designed to allow consumers to see the dresses modelled on a woman of their size so they can really see how it will fit on them – a feature no other UK fashion website offers.

It works by selecting your dress size and then the whole website changes to the selected size.

Sunny Bird, Founder of the Perfect Dress Company, said: “We decided early on as a team we wanted to do things differently to other fashion brands and create our own space in the fashion industry.

“We decided we would go against the tide of fast fashion and instead of churning out dress after dress we would design and make dresses women could rely on.

“We want to be the go-to dress in your wardrobe that will never let you down.

“What was initially planned as a year-long mission from concept to launch ended up taking two years as we ended up creating our own unique 4 way stretch fabric designed to slim and flatter all body shapes.

“I’m so excited we have finally launched the brand with amazing real women as our models and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Perfect Dress Company!”