Published: May 4, 2020 | Updated: May 4, 2020

Air turns blue as firm lights up church to salute NHS and keyworkers in #ClapForYourCarers

St Mary’s Church in Beaminster lit up in blue by JSW Entertainment Group. Picture: Graham Hunt.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A business has added its own special touch to the weekly tribute to essential key workers, carers and NHS staff by lighting up a Dorset church in a poignant shade of blue.

Picture: Graham Hunt.

JSW Entertainment Group brought its skills to bear at St Mary’s Church in Beaminster, producing a stunning sight, captured here by photographers Graham Hunt, pictured, and Eddy Pearce.

The Beaminster-based company, which provides production, logistical and management services for the entertainment industry worldwide, is planning to light up a number of churches around the region as part of a series of events.

It worked in collaboration with the St Mary’s Church team, Beaminster Town Council and the Discover Beaminster campaign.

Jamie Isaacs, JSW Entertainment’s Chief Executive Officer and Operations Manager, said: “It was important to us to use our own expertise and skills to add to the amazing initiatives already underway within our own community.

“Our business works on events all over the UK and Europe, and we wanted to show our appreciation, in a way that we knew how, to the amazing work that so many key workers in our community are doing”.

St Mary’s Church will be lit up again in blue on Thursday May 7 from 8pm until 11.30pm.

The team will then move onto other parishes in the region.

The first lighting was well-received with many residents sharing their own photos of the church in blue on their social media profiles.

Picture: Eddy Pearce.

Samantha Pearce, of Beaminster Town Council, said: “The beauty of the church is that it’s always been a real focal point for the town.

“Now, from many areas within Beaminster, residents will get a glimpse of the church and can show their support and appreciation to the NHS, carers and other key workers without the need to leave their homes.

“This initiative provides a reminder that although we are going through difficult times at the moment, there are so many people who are doing their utmost to look after us.

“We are encouraged by the overwhelming amount of support that people and businesses in our own town has offered.

“From the volunteers who give their time so freely, to businesses who have changed the way they operate to be able to serve people better, initiatives like this one is just another reminder that we’re all in this together and, by working together and supporting each other, we can be stronger.”