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Published: November 3, 2019 | Updated: April 7, 2020

All ears: New podcast recording agency targets one of the UK’s fastest growing media trends

Podcast Labs’ broadcast-quality studio in the Lansdowne, Bournemouth.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A new podcast recording and promotion agency in Bournemouth is hoping to cash in on one of the UK’s fastest growing mediums for distributing audio content.

Co-founders Andy James and Kelly Butler started Podcast Labs in September.

Its Lansdowne studio officially opened on October 1.

The business aims to make podcasting accessible to companies and content creators alike by offering a hi-tech studio, editing services and also distribution and marketing support.

Currently more than 7m UK adults listen to a podcast every week, twice as many as two years ago.

Kelly, a former Chair of the Dorset branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, said: “Andy and I left our jobs in management and marketing in 2018 to jump on a trend in the wedding market.

“We built The Dorset & Hampshire Flower Wall Company modelled around a rapid-growth consumer based online sales focus with fantastic success and then sold it just 18 months later in September. It was always our intention – to build on a trend and sell at the peak.

“Something we’d been working on as a personal project was podcasting. As we started talking about it with others, they began to ask us to help them with the tech and marketing to start their own.

“We noticed a gap in the market and used the money from the sale of the wedding business to start Podcast Labs.”

Kelly Butler and Andy James, Co-founders of Podcast Labs in Bournemouth.

Kelly, who was previously Marketing & Events Coordinator at Inspire Professional Services and also Marketing Manager at Greenwood Campbell, said the business had got off to a strong start.

“Since our launch we have been working with a few exciting companies and freelancers with several brand new podcasts launching soon.

“The best feedback we’ve had is that we’ve now enabled companies and content creators to get straight into podcasting.

“Something which was sixth in their marketing strategy has now jumped to first as we’ve taken away any obstacles to it and made it as easy as booking a meeting and having a chat. We can deal with the rest,” she added.

To mark its launch, Podcast Labs is offering two content creators the opportunity to launch their podcast idea.

The winner will receive a series of six podcast episodes recorded in Podcast Lab’s broadcast-quality studio with editing, distribution and consultation included.

Kelly said: “They’ll learn how to create awesome sound quality, promote on the leading podcasting platforms, engage with a new audience, and build a loyal following.

“It won’t be long before more Brits are listening to podcasts than are listening to music downloads, judging by the latest figures published by UK radio-industry body Rajar.

“We’re giving companies and content creators the opportunity to access this growing trend, by creating a high-tech, professional space to record their guests, as well as providing support with marketing and distribution.”

  • If you’d like your podcast idea to be considered for sponsorship, read the criteria and submit your entry at Entries close on Wednesday November 20, 2019