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Published: May 19, 2022 | Updated: May 20, 2022

Best bit of my job? Client satisfaction. It’s good to know your efforts have made a difference…

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Each week we shine the spotlight on a prominent person in Dorset and ask him, or her, for answers to our part fun/part serious questionnaire. This time…

Her favourite piece of music is ‘When the Leaves Come Falling Down’ by Van Morrison, she’d like to share a car with The Queen, says client satisfaction is the best bit of her job and thinks she’ll be retired – and poor! – in ten years’ time.

Julie-Anne Houldey, Owner/Director, Lime Tree Communications, takes the ‘hot seat’ for our popular 20 Questions.

Question: What is your favourite TV show?

Answer: Currently it’s Gogglebox. Who’d have thought that watching other people watching TV could be so amusing.

Q: Who would you like to share a car with?

A: Her Majesty the Queen.

Q: The best bit of my job is…?

A: Client satisfaction. It’s good to know that your efforts have really made a difference.

Q: And the worst?

A: Unrealistic expectations and shoestring budgets. We can do a great job – but miracles are beyond our skills set.

Q: Who was your childhood hero?

A: Not one – but ‘The Famous Five’. I always wanted to be part of their gang, exploring the countryside and coast, and solving mysteries.

Q: What’s your favourite smell?

A: The fragrance of garden flowers in the morning dew. Also, petrichor [the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil].

Q: Where’s your favourite place in Dorset?

A: Totally depends on whether it’s a sea day, countryside day or woodland day. We are so blessed to have the best of all these in the county.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out on a career?

A: If you can, choose something that interests and challenges you. We spend a lot of time working, and it’s not such a chore if you are doing something you enjoy.

Q: What was your first record/CD?

A: My father was always buying antiques and collectibles, and bizarrely when I was about six, he bought me an old gramophone player with a horn and a box of old vinyl records. I loved it.

Q: What gets you angry?

A: People being dishonest or disrespectful. We need to bring back more respect in today’s world.

Q: Do you have a favourite piece of music?

A: Van Morrison – ‘When the Leaves Come Falling Down’.

Q: What are the qualities you look for in a new employee?

A: When I managed a large team, it was about recruiting someone with complementary skills and to be honest, a good team player. When the dynamics are right and a team ‘gels’ they can be really awesome, but one person swimming against the tide can really spoil the equilibrium.

Q: What’s your favourite food or dish?

A: Fresh fish or seafood.

Q: Steamed sponge pudding and custard or a plate of melon?

A: Sponge pudding (or preferably just the custard!).

Q: Name the best thing about living/working in Dorset?

A: Although a large county, it feels like a village. Everyone knows everyone else and tend to be mutually supportive.

Q: If you were Prime Minister for the day what would be the first thing you do?

A: Order greater protection of green belt.

Q: What’s your biggest frustration?

A: A lack of local democracy.

Q:  Where’s your favourite holiday location?

A: Anywhere hot, in a private secluded villa with a pool.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

A: Retired (and poor).

Q: What would you like to be remembered for?

A: Hopefully people would say I was a genuinely nice person with a great sense of humour.