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Published: October 8, 2020 | Updated: October 9, 2020

Best thing about living and working in Dorset? The amazing light and clean air. We’re so lucky

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Each week we shine the spotlight on a member of Dorset’s business community and ask him, or her, for answers to our part fun/part serious questionnaire. This time…

His childhood hero was Sir David Attenborough, he gets angry at timewasting, prefers sponge pudding with lots of custard over melon and would roll out high speed digital broadband to every home in the country instead of going for HS2 if he was PM.

Phil Whitehurst, CEO, Actisense, takes the 20 Questions’ hotseat.

Question: What is your favourite TV show?

Answer: Anything Star Trekky.

Q: Who would you like to share a car with?

A: Barack Obama. He has good taste – our wives share the same name.

Q: The best bit of my job is…?

A: Tinkering around with exciting new technology. It’s amazing how we’ve been able to solve complex problems by employing ever-evolving technology.

Q: And the worst…?

A: Getting bogged down in admin.

Q: Who was your childhood hero?

A: Sir David Attenborough. I don’t think anyone has made more of an impact on the world’s natural science education. His enthusiasm is infectious!

Q: What’s your favourite smell?

A: Garlic bread with cheese… The simple pleasures, yum.

Q: Where’s your favourite place in Dorset?

A: Anywhere in them Purbeck hills, looking out to the sea. I’ve run over 57 marathons and running along here is about as good as it gets.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out on a career?

A: Find something you are good at that you also love to do. Move on quickly if you hate being somewhere, in the first five to ten years it should never just be about the money.

Q: What was your first record/CD?

A: Talk Talk’s self-titled album.

Q: What gets you angry?

A: Timewasting.

Q: Do you have a favourite piece of music?

A: Edward Elgar – Enigma Variations.

Q: What are the qualities you look for in a new employee?

A: It’s all about attitude and energy. We have such a great dynamic with our close team of 28 at Actisense, so it’s incredibly important that they are a good fit with our culture.

Q: What’s your favourite food or dish?

A: Vindaloo – and make it a spicy one!

Q: Steamed sponge pudding and custard or a plate of melon?

A: Sponge pudding with lots of custard.

Q: Name the best thing about living/working in Dorset?

A: The amazing light and clean air. We’re so lucky to live where we do.

Q: If you were Prime Minister for the day what would be the first thing you do?

A: Roll out high speed digital broadband to every home in the country instead of going for HS2.

Q: What’s your biggest frustration?

A: It always takes longer to get things done than you first think.

Q:  Where’s your favourite holiday location?

A: Nepal – the sites, the people, the cuisine – 5*.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

A: Travelling more, working sensible hours.

Q: What would you like to be remembered for?

A: Having created an organisation that staff are proud to work in and stakeholders are proud to work with.