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Published: October 15, 2021 | Updated: October 15, 2021

Biz Gallery: Learning, sharing and networking together at You Are The Media Online Offline

Kate Shaw, KTPR Ltd; Christophe Stourton; Simon H-C, DPD, at YATM Online Offline at Lighthouse Poole.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

“We’ll learn together, we’ll share, we’ll network.”

The words of Mark Masters after You Are The Media, the marketing and media learning and training community, hosted its ongoing hybrid YATM Online Offline at Lighthouse Poole.

The event was a communal effort alongside a morning session with Bournemouth and Poole College apprentices and an evening film night with Lewis-Manning Hospice Care.

Mark, who created YATM Online Offline, with support from BCP Council, said the hybrid events were the first of their kind in the UK.

He added: “In 2020 we all became digitally enabled so why not take what we have learned and intertwine in-person events and the online experience?

“Geography doesn’t limit us anymore and what we do is reach out to the best creative and marketing people from around the world and bring them to our home, in Dorset.

“We’ll learn together, we’ll share, we’ll network.

“People come together in the theatre as well as join in from around the UK and overseas on Zoom.

“By having it in venues such as Lighthouse, we can use their cinema screen.

“It’s effectively two audiences and one show where everyone feels a part of the same occasion.

“Turning the latest YATM Online Offline into a joint effort with the college and the charity just creates a real community feel.

“It’s a great feeling bringing people together.

“Business events don’t have to be stuffy, you can create togetherness.”

The latest show had a main topic of resonance over reach with Jay Acunzo, author of Break The Wheel and host of the Unthinkable podcast, in Boston, USA.

The final YATM event of the year will be the Christmas Special at the Regent Centre in Christchurch on Thursday December 2.

To join in-person, or online visit, please click here.


Biz Gallery – Pictures by Kate Shaw/KTPR

Jake Moore, ESET; Mark Masters, We Are The Media

Glen Long, Evolved Biz; Jon Burkhart TBC Global; Matt Denyer, Workforce Results

Chandos Green, Chandy; Hayley O’Shea, Talbot Heath School

Nick Whitnell, Daring Works; Nate Dinmore, Miara

Matt Denyer, Workforce Results; Matt King, Sales Change; Jake Moore, ESET

Nicki Cluley, Lewis-Manning Hospice Care; Mark Masters, We Are The Media

Jackie Goddard, Power to Speak; Jon Burkhart TBC Global; Hayley O’Shea, Talbot Heath School