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Published: December 1, 2019 | Updated: December 2, 2019

Biz Gallery Special: 2019 Dorset Business Awards highlighting the best of the best

Mploy Staffing Solutions, winners of the Lester Aldridge Company of the Year award.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

It was, by common consent, a fantastic night celebrating the best of business in Dorset.

More than 700 guests honoured the county’s finest at the annual Dorset Business Awards Gala Dinner.

The event, organised by Dorset Chamber, is the largest of its kind and a major date in the business calendar.

This year’s awards at the Bournemouth International Centre saw winners from 12 categories crowned and acclaimed.

In total, the success of 36 businesses was celebrated with 12 leaving with one of the highly prized trophies.

You can read our report about the event here and find out more about the winners, and why they were chosen, as well as pictures with the sponsors here.

Pictures: Sian Court, SKC Photography.

Friar Moor Vets team – Justine Turnbull, Liz Alford, Graham Barber, Izzie Kooch, Kate Phillips.

Eset UK team.

Charis Lewis (BV Dairy), Vaughan Heard (BV Dairy), Dagmara Bielinska (BV Dairy).

Katie Bodman (Superior Seals) Gail Pilling (Enhanced).

Mploy Staffing Solutions, winners of the Lester Aldridge Company of the Year award.

Global Brand Communications team.

Field International team.

Oli Evans (Digital Storm) Lesley Simmons (Digital Storm) Curtis Williams (Digital Storm).

Harry Baker (Barclays) Danny Jones (Barclays).

Caron Khan, Vincent Boni (Daily Echo).

Rachel Mould (i Skin Care) Mark Mould (i Skin Care).

CMP Print team.

AFC Bournemouth team.

Ian Penfold (A One Insurance), Camilla Hunt (A One Insurance).

Abbie Evans ( Daily Echo) Carole Penfold (Daily Echo), Julia Cohen (Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce).

Ian Girling (Dorset Chamber), Luana Girling (BCP Council).

Matthew Fretten (Frettens) Oonagh McKinney (Frettens) Lewis Barr (Frettens).

Charlotte Holyoake (Greendale Construction), Maria Seabright (Greendale Construction).

Actisense team.

Friar Moor Vets team – Justine Turnbull, Liz Alford, Izzie Kooch, Kate Phillips.

Chris Slocock (Rotary Wessex) Yayu Slocock (Rotary Wessex).

Scott Woodberry (Burnbake Forest Lodges), Zoe Pattison (Burnbake Forest Lodges), Martha Holmes (Burnbake Forest Lodges), James Mills (Burnbake Forest Lodges).

Rob Towler (Burnbake Forest Lodges), Neil Allen (Burnbake Forest Lodges).

Leon Essex (Burnbake Forest Lodges), Sharon Avery (Burnbake Forest Lodges).

Neil Allen (Burnbake Forest Lodges) Zoe Pattison (Burnbake Forest Lodges), Rob Towler (Burnbake Forest Lodges).

Leon Essex (Burnbake Forest Lodges), Vicki Lowe (Burnbake Forest Lodges).

Black Pig Retreats team.

Debbie Jarmey (Mayfield) Craig Hardman (Steele Raymond) Jenny Rogerson (Steele Raymond).

Graham Barber (Friar Moor Vets) Lesley Fox (Mazars LLP).

Rosie Kennar (Hoburne Group) Joan Senior (Dorset Chamber) Gary Neild (Blue Sky).

Beth Soden (Actisense) Lesley Keets (Actisense) Doug Thomason (Actisense).

Jakub Prchal (Aviation & Defence Spares) Nick Gordon (Aviation & Defence Spares) Matthew Gordon (Aviation & Defence Spares) Nicky Busst (HSBC)

Cllr Lisa Northover (BH Live) Cllr Lewis Allison (BH Live) Cllr Jackie Edwards (BH Live) Cllr Stephen Barlett (BH Live).

Lisa Norman (Hoburne Group) Jim Stewart (Dorset LEP).

Kat Mieszkowksa (Mploy Staffing Solutions) Jessica Wicks (Mploy Staffing Solutions) Mark Nash (Mploy Staffing Solutions).

Precision Acoustics Team.

Liz Willingham (Liz Lean PR) Claire Hardy (Liz Lean PR) Leila Willingham (Liz Lean PR).

Arabella Lewis-Smith (Dorset LEP) Sara Uzzell (Dorset LEP) Luke Rake (Dorset LEP).

Russell Dixon-Box (Marsham Court) Rosie Radwell (Marsham Court) Anne-Marie Gates (PKF Francis Clark) Jane Swift (Marsham Court) James Robinson (PKF Francis Clark).

Alastair Cook (Dorset Wildlife Trust) Esther Baker (Kingston Maurward) Lesley Simmons (Digital Storm).

Matthew Morris (Mazars LLP), Bianca Salvia (Mazars LLP) Ashley Barton (Mazars LLP) Charlie Partridge (Mazars LLP).

Lara Brennan (Mazars LLP) Jason Gault (TeamJobs) Matt Lewns (Mazars LLP).

Chrissie Capel (PSP Logistics) Martin Rodger (PSP Logistics) Sarah Kirlew (Atlas Elektronik) Jo Dixie Goodwin (PSP Logistics) Frank Dixie (PSP Logistics) .

Jon Brooks (Wave 105) Ian Girling (Dorset Chamber).

Marianne Storey (Dorset Mind) Steve Bulley (Dorset Chamber) Dee Swinton (Dorset Mind).

Darren Mooney (Global Brand Communications) Michael Artwell (Global Brand Communications).

Anne Warner (Dorset Chamber) Steve Bulley (Dorset Chamber).

Ed Adams (Avec UK) Lorraine Macintosh-Bain (Avec UK) Lucy Wellwood (Avec UK).