Published: July 6, 2020 | Updated: July 12, 2020

Biz News round-up with Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Peeks, Portland Business Recovery and BOFA

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Beach backdrop for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee TV ad

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is airing a beachside TV ad this month after securing space as part of Sky’s AdSmart SME support scheme.

The advert, which will air across the Sky network, puts the spotlight on Jimmy’s Extra Shot Flat White, hero product of its recently launched Flat White range.

It cost Jimmy’s only £6.80 in tin foil to set up and will be seen by approximately 250,000 people.

The TV advert is rooted in Jimmy’s Keep Your Chin Up ethos, with a beach backdrop to illustrate the brand’s hometown in Bournemouth.

Displaying the new bold packaging, the switch to recyclable aluminium cans shows Jimmy’s efforts to become plastic free and protect local beaches.

Jim Cregan, Co-Founder, pictured left, said: “We’ve been working double time throughout June to produce this bad boy and it is awesome to be able to launch this in July, typically our busiest month.”

The TV ad comes as the brand launches four stand-out new products this year.

The line-up now includes an Iced Flat White range, comprising a dairy free Oat, Skinny and Extra Shot versions in addition to a sparkling soda in a glass bottle, Jimmy’s Coffee Cola, an alcohol alternative.

Paul Lovesy, Sky AdSmart’s Regional Controller, South and West, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting local businesses like Jimmy’s Iced Coffee with free targeted TV campaigns as part of Sky’s SME ‘Covid Bounce Back’ initiative.

“Jimmy’s Iced Coffee have been a pleasure to work with.

“Their TV advert says everything you need to know about their brand values.

“We look forward to serving their campaign and great results.”

The regionally targeted ad airs until July 31 on Sky TV, Now TV and Virgin Media in Dorset, London and Manchester.


Stock from Peeks of Bournemouth to be auctioned

An online auction is to be held to sell off the final stock of Peeks of Bournemouth.

The items include fancy dress clothing, decorations, partyware, as well as shop fittings, warehouse racking and equipment.

It comes after the retailer closed its doors in May as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

Dorset-based Portland Business Recovery were appointed as liquidators of the family business which had been trading from Bournemouth since the 1960s.

Peeks of Bournemouth, which had overcome recessions and economic downturns in its history, had been significantly affected by hospitality trade cut back on the purchase of non-essential products due to Brexit.

Following the government’s announcement in March 2020 to close pubs due to the pandemic,  Peeks of Bournemouth lost a significant proportion of its income overnight due to large events such as VE Day, and The Euros being cancelled.

Nicola Layland, Portland Director, pictured right, said: “This is a very unfortunate situation for all involved – directors, staff and Peeks of Bournemouth’s loyal customer base, some of whom had purchased items from this institution for two or three generations.

“Auctioning the leftover stock and business should provide the best return for the creditors and gives all interested parties a fair chance to purchase the items.”

The auction bidding is now open and bids will start to close from 10am on July 14.

Click here to see auctions and to place a bid.


Direct aerosol extraction technology launched by BOFA for dental surgeries

BOFA International has launched an innovative direct aerosol extraction system for dental surgeries.

It offers significant protection from the transmission of contaminants between patients and dental staff.

The portable DentalPRO Aerosol unit is proven to capture 99.997 per cent of particles at 0.3 microns, thanks to its high performing, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

This significantly exceeds the 95 per cent filtration effectiveness that N95 face masks, commonly used in dental clinics, provide.

Luke Ziolkowski, Global Business Development Manager – Dental, pictured left, said: “The new DentalPRO Aerosol model addresses one of the biggest concerns of dental surgeries as staff look to return to work – how to reduce the potential spread of Covid-19 during routine procedures.

“Our technology achieves this through the capture of aerosol directly from patient breathing zones thanks to its close-proximity design that extracts contaminated air away from dental staff.

“Not only does this protect dental staff, it does so with no procedure interference and also helps prevent the risk of surface contamination caused by bioaerosols and spatter.”

The BOFA system incorporates a three-stage filtration process, with a pre-filter removing larger particulate – including dust associated with solidified paste used in many dental procedures – and protecting the effectiveness of the main HEPA filter and the carbon filter in capturing airborne contaminants.

The DentalPRO Aerosol’s multi-joint arm ensures the easy positioning of the capture hood in the patient breathing zone, while a powerful pump, serviceable for 20,000+ hours, provides adjustable extraction rates.

In dental surgery environments, aerosols can remain airborne for extended periods of time, and can be transported in air flows beyond the patient’s immediate vicinity.

Surgeries commonly use room scrubbers for cyclical extraction, but these do not offer a viable means of controlling virus spread.

Luke said: “This extraction system is the result of deep dental sector knowledge informed by over 30 years of innovation.

“The technology has a significant role to play, alongside infection prevention control measures and in combination with PPE, in safeguarding dental surgery staff from the spread of virus and helping to establish Covid-19 secure environments that will instil confidence among the wider community.”

Poole-based BOFA International, now part of Donaldson Filtration Solutions, is a world leader in portable fume extraction and filtration.

The multiple Queen’s Award winner has been flying the flag for British manufacturing for more than 30 years.