Published: September 25, 2020 | Updated: September 26, 2020

Bridal blogger comes up with idea of turning wedding bouquets into forever paperweights

Suzi Eaton, Founder, Front Row Bride.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

What a blooming good idea!

Bridal blogger Suzi Eaton has come up with a way of keeping one of the most magical items of any wedding day – the bridal bouquet – as a treasured keepsake for all time.

Instead of throwing away the flowers, turn them into a paperweight.

Suzi created the concept, planned and designed it through lockdown.

She then approached another Dorset-based start-up, Abigail Stacey of Petal Resin Creations, to bring the vision to life.

And now you can order a bespoke paperweight made from the flowers from your special day.

Suzi, who founded Front Row Bride last year, said: “One of the most magical items on your wedding day is your bridal bouquet.

“Yet so many of us struggle to know what to do with our bouquet afterwards.

“The paperweights are personal and an eternal keepsake.

“They make excellent gifts for parents, family, bridesmaids and friends.

“It’s also an excellent way to re-purpose your wedding flowers.

“Millions of tonnes of flowers are thrown away each year.

“This concept minimises the number of flowers going to landfill and reworks something you love and has meaning.

“Brides spend a lot of time planning their bridal bouquet.

“Not only this but there’s the financial commitment too.

“The paperweights allow you to keep your flowers and put them to good use after your special day.

“They are fully customisable so brides can submit personal requests.

“The gold and silver foil have also proved popular.”

Front Row Bride is described as the go-to wedding resource for Dorset and Hampshire.

It analyses and reviews venues, florists, event styling, catering, entertainment, dresses, suits, make-up, hair, videography and photography, to assist brides to make informed choices.

The goal is to help every bride have a fluid, stress-free experience.

Suzi said: “Since getting married I have become a self-proclaimed wedding addict.

“I’m now on a mission to connect all brides with the very best of the south west in one wedding space.”

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