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C3IA Solutions collaborates on instant triage system for battlefields

Ash Williams of C3IA Solutions using a Silvus StreamCaster radio.

By Daniel Face [email protected]

Published: March 5, 2024 | Updated: 7th March 2024

Dorset cybersecurity firm C3IA Solutions has teamed up with Birmingham-based telemedicine pioneers Black Space Technology on a life-saving initiative.

C3IA Solutions logoTogether they’ve developed a system whereby the health and medical information of a casualty on the battlefield or in a disaster zone can be shared instantly with experts, who can then offer rapid advice.

Patients are fitted with sensors which constantly transmit information, while Silvus StreamCaster radios allow those on the ground to video call medical professionals with little interference.

Ash Williams from C3IA said: “This collaboration is about saving lives.

“The Silvus radios are the best there are and enable communications in places where there is no other way of keeping in touch.

“They’re robust and powerful and create their own network on the ground. They also enable Black Space Technology’s software to be used to send and receive vital information.

“Already the interest from military, rescue and other services from around the world is strong.”

David Morgan, a former NHS consultant surgeon and Royal Marines reserve medical officer for eight years, is now CEO and medical director of Black Space Technology.

He added: “We provide point-of-injury monitoring solutions for battlefield and other remote or contested environments.

“Our software captures incremental data throughout any evacuation pathway which improves combat casualty care.”

David also pointed out that the first hour after injury is known as the ‘golden hour’, when 80 per cent of deaths occur.

“Speed of reaction and care therefore is absolutely crucial. Through the Silvus radios and utilising Bluetooth and other technology, our software can make all the difference.

“It’s of use to the military but also to NGOs in disaster zones – or wherever there are casualties.

“Our aim is to close the care gap, and with C3IA Solutions, we have a collaboration that will save lives.”

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