Biz Extra

Published: March 15, 2020 | Updated: March 17, 2020

Coronavirus: Why we think it more important than ever to back our businesses and highlight the positive (even if we’re a lone media voice)

By Andrew Diprose, editor

We’re back on the road this week meeting entrepreneurs and businesses and then bringing you their stories.

It’s what we do.

Make no mistake, though.

We’re in a crisis.

But, please, can we keep things in proportion?

Of course, everyone must take sensible precautions, especially with regard to the vulnerable.

And it’s right not to take unnecessary risks.

But life must go on, albeit in a different fashion in coming weeks.

As for the media’s role?

Well we can’t help feeling great unease at how this is being whipped up in some quarters.

And we speak as journalists.

Without question there are some news outlets revelling in the current state of affairs.

No doubt they’re getting plenty of clicks on their websites by creating a real sense of panic.

But at what cost, and especially if – as we fear – some businesses go under through absolutely no fault of their own?

For our part, we will do what has become our raison d’être.

Highlight the positive, remain upbeat and shine the spotlight on entrepreneurs – and businesses – continuing to do great things in Dorset.

The wheels of business and commerce must continue turning despite the challenges facing us all.

And we’ll do our bit – as a responsible news platform – to ensure that happens.