Published: December 5, 2019 | Updated: December 6, 2019

#Creating a sustainable future 2 – Law firm turns to flower power to cut down on plastic

By Andrew Diprose, editor

A Dorset law firm has come up with a blooming good idea to cut down on its use of plastic.

Instead of giving away plastic-heavy items such as pens, USB sticks and chargers at university law fairs, trainees at Steele Raymond are distributing biodegradable seed business cards.

The cards are manufactured using special eco paper, made from post-consumer materials, which are embedded with wildflower seeds.

They can be planted out and, with just the right amount of moisture and sunlight, will grow wildflowers which, in turn, helps create habitats for the declining honeybee population.

Once the seeds have germinated the paper biodegrades with no waste left behind.

Steele Raymond purchased 1,000 of the seed cards from Dorset-based RT Promotions and says it has received excellent feedback.

Lee Taylor, Steele Raymond’s Business Development Director, pictured left, said: “As a proud supporter of the Big Plastic Pledge, drastically reducing single use plastics and plastic waste across our firm is an important on-going initiative.

“Steele Raymond’s trainees are attending an increasing number of law fairs each year, and we felt that eliminating the usual plastic ‘giveaways’ from our stand would be a great way to spread our sustainability message.”

Richard Mack, Founder and Managing Director of RT Promotions, pictured right, said an increasing number of customers were requesting eco merchandise with solutions for non-plastic single-use items being the primary goal.

He added: “On a personal level, these seed cards really caught my attention. So much so, that I had a print-run produced for my own self-promotion.

“To differentiate yourself in business, you need to think outside the box, and Steele Raymond were smart enough to see this potential and embrace it.

“I’m so pleased to hear they are getting such favourable feedback.”