Published: May 18, 2022 | Updated: May 19, 2022

Dani aims to transform your business into a trailblazing brand within just twelve weeks

Dani Nodwell: “I wanted to find an affordable way to work with smaller businesses who really need the support to survive and grow.”
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Inspired by people, fuelled by creativity and driven by passion.

That’s how Brand Director and Consultant Dani Nodwell describes her new initiative, the Brand Impact Journey.

It’s designed – in Dani’s words – “to transform independent businesses into trailblazing brands”.

Above all it’s aimed at giving smaller business owners access to big brand thinking but without the accompanying – and sometimes extortionate – big brand bill.

Dani, 44, says the Brand Impact Journey has been devised to provide the tools and framework to guide businesses through the brand building process over 12 weeks.

Businesses can be part of a group, sharing the brand ‘journey’ and feeling the support of like-minded entrepreneurs at similar stages.

Or they can choose to take part exclusively, with a bespoke timeframe tailored to suit their availability and needs.

The programme includes deep diving into the four pillars of strategy Dani believes are essential to develop a brand that stands out in today’s market:

  • Clarify ambitions, audience and market difference.
  • Humanise to form a deeper connection with the audience and resonate, inspire and influence them on another level.
  • Embody the brand ethos and foster it so you’re actually living authentically what has been said.
  • Grow from unknown to unforgettable by providing the tools to plan timely and relevant content and campaigns.

Dani, who founded her Dorset-based Baboosh! brand collective in 2015, said: The programme is designed to empower brands.

“To enable them to think deeply about how they represent themselves, and how they can resonate with their audiences.

“We want to help challenge their thinking, by unearthing the impact they want to make and how they can form a deeper connection with their audience externally and motivate and align teams internally.

“I am so excited to have created this framework so that independent businesses get affordable access to create and launch their brand with authenticity, credibility and impact in their space

“I wanted to find an affordable way to work with smaller businesses who really need the support to survive and grow.

“The programme is designed to prevent thousands of pounds being thrown down the drain on marketing, and every aspect of the business, because they haven’t invested in building solid brand foundations first.

“I am dedicated to working selectively with owners that have a burning ambition to be a force for good, who are focused on people and the planet before profit, and want to build a brand with integrity, authenticity and purpose.

“If I could find a way to champion these brands, and help design their reality, my personal purpose – to help contribute towards a better, more positive and less cynical future for our children – would be one step closer to being fulfilled.”

A former Special Publications Field Sales Manager with the Bournemouth Daily Echo, Dani was drawn to the bright lights of London in 2005, initially as the Marketing and Promotions Manager for a sports café.

Over the following decade she worked in senior marketing roles for a variety of agencies and companies before returning to Bournemouth to launch Baboosh!.

Since then she has worked for River Cottage, Cubid CBD, Barker Group, MyTime Young Carers, Bournemouth Rugby Club, and EasyMix as well as agencies including M Media Group (MMG) and Global Brand Communications.