Published: January 19, 2020 | Updated: January 19, 2020

Meet the talented designer sewing up a tidy business by putting the colour into clothing

Hannah Coombes of Loved Garms. Picture: Dorset Biz News.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Clothing designer Hannah Coombes sensed she was onto a winner when she turned up at her child’s school in her home-made brightly coloured leggings.

“One of the parents pointed at them and said: ‘Oh, my God, Where did you buy those? I must have them.’ That was really the start for me,” said Hannah.

Now the talented mother of two makes clothes by the hundreds – 760 to be precise in 2019 – through her business, Loved Garms. And that doesn’t include alterations.

Hannah, 35, said: “I started out making clothes as a hobby as I couldn’t find anything I really loved in the shops. Nothing wowed me.

“I made them for my family needs. Easy care clothes with bright colours and funky patterns, some of which were breast-feeding and baby-wearing friendly.

“What I enjoy the most is creating confident feel good vibes with my clothes that also fulfil a purpose, I love playing with different patterns and colours.”

Hannah, who is self-taught, set up her Bournemouth-based business in 2015 but only went full-time three years later.

Previously she worked for the Environment Agency before running her own garden business, Ladybird Garden Services in Shaftesbury.

Now her clothing label has hundreds of customers, mainly local although sales have been as far afield as America.

Loved Garms specifically caters for women and children.

The made to measure garments include dresses, leggings and hoodies as well as a range of breast-feeding. cloth nappies and baby-wearing friendly clothes.

Hannah said: “I sew easy care, easy wear, handmade and comfortable garments which are designed to last.

“They’re about as far away as you can get from the sweatshop and buy today, throw away tomorrow clothes from some High Street retailers.

“My clients tend to be stay at home mums or mums with a young family who are going back to work.

“I also get a lot of teachers and professional people who want bespoke, made to measure garments which won’t be seen anywhere else.

“My goal for 2019 was to double my sales and although I didn’t achieve that I did double my profits.”

Hannah, who lives with her partner and children Jake, aged 11, and Annie, four, makes all the clothes in her garden workshop.

She’s now been named as a finalist in the business growth category of The Family Network Recognition Business Awards which are being staged in Bournemouth on March 28.

Hannah said: “I feel extremely proud and honoured. Knowing that the awards are in Bournemouth makes it even more special.”

Whatever happens on the night, Hannah looks set to be a winner.

Apart from designing and making her own dress for the awards, she is also offering to do the same for other finalists.

“It could act as a great showcase for my work,” said Hannah.