Published: April 12, 2022 | Updated: April 13, 2022

Entrepreneur reveals plans to disrupt fitness tracker market with patent-pending concept

Josh Brooks, Founder and CEO, VERTEX 5: “We aim to solve a problem yet to be addressed by the market.”
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Entrepreneur Josh Brooks today reveals his plans to modernise the fitness industry and grab a slice of a market forecast to be worth over £100 billion by 2028.

The 29-year-old is the Founder and CEO of VERTEX 5, a real-time repetition tracking application utilising patent-pending custom-built wearable sensors.

Using the app, and the sensor tracking, users are able to create their workouts and track a wide range of movements, from bicep curls and squats through to press-ups and star jumps.

All are automatically displayed on the user’s phone.

The service can be used at home or in the gym and is designed to track both individual and group workouts.

Adding a further element of fun, users are able to ‘battle’ with, or against, a friend in a real-time environment.

Josh, who lives in Bournemouth, said: “VERTEX 5 has all the elements to become the next big thing.

“A patent-pending idea, in the growing fitness tracker market set to be worth more than £100 billion by 2028 and a founding team with startup and exit experience.

“We aim to solve a problem yet to be addressed by the market.

“After trying several different products, I was amazed at how poor the accuracy was at tracking basic exercise movements.

“I felt if we could solve that problem through technology, and add in a layer of accountability, we would be on to something special – and we’ve done just that.”

Josh started coding at the age of 14, creating a monetised online text-based game.

His business experience covers both his own ventures and high-profile companies including Cunard, part of Carnival UK.

In his last role Josh headed up the marketing department for a fast-growth startup, positioning it successfully ahead of a Series A funding round which raised £35 million.

So far the VERTEX 5 team has operated remotely.

Future plans include creating a hybrid team, with some employees operating remotely and others, where required, office-based.

Roman Hvozd, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, is based in Lviv, Ukraine, and the venture’s Lead Android Developer recently moved from Nigeria to Scotland.

Josh said: “For a long time technology used in gyms in relation to creating, tracking, analysing and managing gym routines has been in need of modernising.

“Roman and I started this ‘impossible dream’ over 12 months ago.

“We are thrilled to be opening our pre-seed investment round in the next two weeks.

“It’s a really exciting time for us.

“We still have lots of decisions to make such as where our first office will be and if our distribution centre will be at that same location.

“For the foreseeable future we plan to be based primarily across the south coast.

“As a team, we’re the result of curiosity meeting tenacity – and if you’re the same and you would like to grow your career with us, we would love to hear from you at”

The company expects to start selling its product and subscription service from the fourth quarter of this year.

The first product release will be available on a first-come first-served basis from its early-access list.

Early-access users will also be able to purchase at a price below £50.

According to Grand View Research, the global fitness tracker market is projected to grow to upwards of £108 billion by 2028.