Published: February 18, 2022 | Updated: February 18, 2022

Executive retreat’s location perfect for ‘slowing down, reflection, reviewing and recharging’

Hethfelton House in Dorset, the setting for a three-day executive retreat in April.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

It’s set to be a very special retreat for CEOs, business owners and senior leaders in one of Dorset’s most stunning locations.

A maximum of eight places are available for the three-day executive retreat at Hethfelton House, part of the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund that sits adjacent to Monkey World.

The guides, and hosts, are Garry Turner, Founder of transformational change practice HEXO Change, and Jo Hompstead, Founder of ConnectUp.

The retreat is, in the words of its hosts “designed to be co-created by the participants, providing enough structure to be impactful and meaningful but with enough freedom to allow everyone to bring their own issues and aspirations into the space – and to receive support and guidance in a co-created safe, brave environment over the three-day experience.”

Garry, pictured left, said: “The idea is that this space allows you to show up as ‘you’ without the cloak of your corporate responsibilities and without the need to wear the multiple masks that we have been conditioned to wear over the years.

“This experience is grounded in you as a leader, as a human, and any topic that you want to bring up and explore is welcome.”

Jo added: “People who attend will, perhaps, be contemplating the impact they personally want to make within their organisation – or on the world – or perhaps they want to benefit from leveraging diverse thinking and ideas.

“They may have a niggling feeling that ‘there’s got to be a different way’ or ‘I am sure there is more to life than XX’ and might be seeking a place to experiment.”

The retreat, which can take a minimum of four delegates, is from the evening of Monday April 4 to close of play on Thursday April 7.

Hethfelton House has a variety of breakout rooms in the main house, as well as a main auditorium and more than 150 acres of open space, lakes and woodland to explore.

Jo, pictured right, said: “This really is the perfect location for slowing down, for reflection, reviewing, recharging and re-imagining in whatever ways best serve you individually, and as a collective.”

Garry added: “The retreat is a place for people who are used to going to events that, in the moment, are interesting and inspiring, but they’ve perhaps historically found the usual format doesn’t allow for real meaningful, lasting impact afterwards.

“It’s about looking upwards and outwards and then turning the lens back in.”

More information, including costs, can be found on Eventbrite by clicking here.