What is www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk?

We’re an independent journalist owned and run business news website covering Dorset.

So you’re not part of a bigger group?

No. We’re a limited company, registered in England and Wales, and based in Broadstone, Dorset. The company’s shares are wholly owned by our founder, Andrew Diprose, and his family. We have no external shareholders or interested parties.

Why was www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk launched in October 2019?

Put simply because we think there is a gap in the market for a lively, informative, trusted and impartial business news website in Dorset. We have 22 separate news categories covering every kind of business activity so whatever your sector, or interest, we think you’ll find it covered.

What sort of stories do you publish online?

Anything that will interest our business readership as long as it’s a) involving Dorset, b) genuine business/not for profit news and not ‘fluff and puff’. New contracts, new appointments, new companies or start-ups, new services, comment on topical business issues, award successes – just some of the items we’re interested to hear about for www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk

Does it cost anything to have my business or service reported on www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk?

No. If your story fits our editorial criteria, i.e Dorset and genuine business news, then we’re happy to feature it on our site. If it falls outside our criteria there may be an opportunity to run it as ‘sponsored content’ which will be clearly flagged up. Costs for ‘sponsored content’ are available on request.

Will you just be publishing press releases and other submitted material?

No. As a former business journalist, our Editor sources original material and acts on tip-offs. We pride ourselves on conducting face to face interviews, writing the story up for our superfast and easy to navigate website and then using our social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – to drive traffic to the site. We call it good old-fashioned business journalism but with a very 21st century twist.

My business has just won an award. Would you be interested?

You bet. We love to celebrate success at www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk with ‘awards’ even having their own news category. As a rule of thumb, though, we only report actual award successes and not when individuals or businesses have been shortlisted or announced as finalists.

How do I contact www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk?

Our ‘Contact Us’ page has the details including a submission form. It’s best to drop us an email at editor@dorsetbiznews.co.uk

Do I need to employ a public relations (PR) firm to write a press release before contacting you?

No. There are some great (and not so great) PR firms in Dorset and, if they’re doing their job properly, www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk will be top of the list for sending us press releases. If they’re not then should you ask them why and request we go on the press release distribution list. However, it’s not necessary to employ a firm before contacting us. If it’s a genuine business story then it will make the headlines on our site.

How often do you update www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk?

We refresh the site at least daily, Monday to Friday, but will often add stories throughout the day as well.

Can I comment on a story featured on www.dorsetbiznews?

We don’t accept comments on our website but feel free to give your views on our social media platforms (Twitter and LinkedIn).

Can I advertise or sponsor a category on www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk?

Of course. We’re a commercial website and rely on our valued advertising partners to keep us in business. Please contact us for more details of advertising rates. We only have a maximum of 25 advertising slots, including the five premium ad spaces on our home page, and when they’re gone, they’re gone! Generous discounts are available for advertisers booking durations of six months or more with costs starting from as little as £3.16 a day. Please note, the minimum ad duration is three months and upfront payment is required for this period of time.

Are you happy to accept pictures?

Absolutely and the better the picture quality, the more chance they have of being used big on www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk. If you need advice about the best professional photographers to use in the area then please get in touch and we’ll suggest some names.

What about ‘social diary’ pictures, for example a reception to mark the opening of a company’s new premises or attendees at a networking lunch?

Yes, please. We’ll be running picture galleries on our ‘Biz Extra’ section. Please ensure all pictures are captioned (left to right) with names and, where appropriate, job titles and that all spellings are carefully checked. Please use WeTransfer, Dropbox or a similar service to send us the pictures.

How do I complain about an item and will you correct any errors?

Firstly, we hope there’ll be no need to complain but if you think there’s something wrong then please contact our Editor, Andrew Diprose, in the first instance at editor@dorsetbiznews.co.uk. www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk will not be afraid to speak out, and we may ruffle the occasional feather but, of course, any genuine errors will be corrected once they’re brought to our attention.