"I can help you recognise new opportunities and put the oomph back into your business"

Chris Finn: “A lot of what holds people back is their mindset and putting up obstacles to doing something. I clear the obstacles.” Picture: Zelda de Hollander.

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: September 6, 2022 | Updated: 23rd February 2023

Chris Finn has always been fascinated by people.

Working in a senior leadership role at Barclays – where he was an Assistant Vice President in his 20s – he was intrigued at the progress, or sometimes lack of it, by members of his team.

He said: “Why was it that some people on my team were doing so well and others weren’t?

“I was so curious as to what makes us tick and, also, why do we sometimes make silly decisions.

“The question was how do I learn more about this?”

The answer was to retrain as a psychologist.

At the age of 27, Chris left his full-time role at the bank to start what was to become ten years of study.

It began with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Bournemouth University and ended with a Master’s degree in cognitive and behavioural psychology at Buckinghamshire New University.

He said: “The endgame was to understand people and get the best from them.”

And now Chris, 40, is using the skills acquired over two decades to help people, and businesses, after retraining as a life and business coach.

The father-of-two launched Chris Finn Coaching earlier this year and is offering free workshops and coaching while his business becomes established.

Chris, who also worked in the NHS as a Wellbeing Lead and has run Poole Mindfulness and Psychology since 2015, said: “My business is around helping other businesses.

“The way I do that is through helping them support and develop their people.

“I call myself a personal and professional coach.

“The personal is helping people get the best out of themselves.

“It might be overcoming their own limitations, such as self-doubt, low confidence and imposter syndrome which is so common.

“The professional side is helping businesses.

“I especially love working with entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“When people start their own business, there’s energy in abundance, motivation, creativity and oomph.

“And then, after a while, that goes and people can get a bit stale, a bit closed and fixed in their mindset.

“One of my skillsets lies in helping them open up, recognise new opportunities and put the oomph back.

“There’s so much stress around at the moment.

“It’s the after-effects of the pandemic.

“People are tired, they’re worn out, and everything is going up in price.

“There’s a bit of crossover between coaching, mentoring and consulting and I do the coaching.”

Workshops offered by Chris include:

  • Overcoming stress and anxiety
  • Resilience at work
  • Public speaking – from fear to confidence
  • Creative strategy
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership coaching
  • Thriving with change
  • Work-appreciation languages – how individuals and teams communicate and how understanding this increases confidence, motivation and productivity.

Chris said: “I really do want to help people.

“While I’m starting my business I’m offering some free workshops and coaching.

“I’ve delivered a few already and the feedback has been excellent.

“Now I really want others to benefit.”

Chris, who lives in Ferndown, is married to Emma and has two children, Alex and Louisa.

He said: “It was scary when I first started this year.

“A lot of people said it was interesting timing and there’s definitely an element of risk involved.

“But my heart was in it and my wife was fully supportive.

“I have absolute faith that people need help and if I do what I do best – which is to help people – then there’s business out there.

“I get goosebumps when someone has a moment when they realise: ‘Ah, I’ve been seeing things in the wrong way and that there’s another possibility’.

“I often work with budding entrepreneurs that have that drive but also the fear and the self-doubt.

“That’s what holds people back.

“My USP (unique selling point) is that I really understand people.

“A lot of what holds people back is their mindset and putting up obstacles to doing something.

“I clear the obstacles.”

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