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Published: July 7, 2021 | Updated: August 12, 2021

Ideas, behaviours and t-shirts – after a difficult period, time for a clear-out says Simon Cassin

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Ideas and behaviours are a bit like t-shirts, we all have them, but knowing which to wear, recycle or ditch is often a challenge, writes Simon Cassin.

After what has been a very difficult period for many, now is the perfect time to open your ideas and behaviour drawer and have a good old clear-out.

Some of us may be inclined to bulk buy what’s on special offer or worn by influencers or others but beware you could be replacing old ideas and behaviours with a newer selection of ill-fitting and inappropriate thoughts, ideas and behaviours.

Some look great in the packet and lovely on others but they’re just not you. They don’t fit and may even cause an unsightly rash or two.

When we approach a new day or new project, we tend to reach for what is most accessible.

What comes easily to mind, which for many is located on the top of the pile. Occasionally we have a cursory root around but generally it is the most familiar and immediately available that we choose.

Looking through my own t-shirt draw I can see a wide selection, which includes:

  • Ones which are a bit old and tatty but still usable every now and then.
  • Ones I’d only wear in private or in the presence of others who’ve got theirs on.
  • Brand spanking new ones, still in the packet. I have invested the time money and effort to acquire them but for some reason they’ve never seen the light of day.
  • Ones which are for the purposes of communicating my real, preferred or socially acceptable persona.
  • Ones which I wear when no one’s looking.
  • I’ve got ones I keep and occasionally wear because nobody else likes them
  • There’s a selection of warm ones and others which are supposedly cool.
  • Ones which were perfect whilst pogoing the night away at the Brookfield all those years ago but perhaps less appropriate now, (ahh the memories).
  • Ones which looked good at first but after a few washes and on closer inspection just suck!
  • Ones which I got from others. I keep them just in case the giver pops round one day but otherwise they are never worn
  • Ones which I’d forgotten I had and would like to wear but can’t seen to find the right occasion.
  • But my favourites are the ones which have stood the test of time. They may have gone in and out of fashion or for that matter never been the flavour of anybody else’s month. They are always appropriate and a true representation of my values.

Having had a good clear out made me realise that ideas, behaviours and t-shirts are best considered with the help of mirrors and the opinions of others.

Only then can I evaluate how they look and feel in a different light and from different perspectives.

Gotta go now, it is time to get to work on my hat selection!