Published: October 6, 2020 | Updated: October 6, 2020

I’m driven by my family and my own values of trust, respect and loyalty, says motor man Rob

Rob Boreham, Managing Director/Owner, RB Prestige Cars. Picture: Dorset Biz News.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Looking back it was always pretty clear that Rob Boreham would one day end up in the motor trade.

“I’ve always loved cars and, like most kids, spent hours playing with my Matchbox cars,” recalls the owner of RB Prestige Cars in Upper Parkstone, Poole.

“That was from a very early age but did I expect to be now marking more than 25 years in the motor trade?

“Probably not, but it’s proved to be a fascinating and enjoyable career.”

Rob, who met his wife, Heidi, on the school bus at the age of 11, landed his first job as a trainee sales executive with a Ford dealer in Weymouth.

“Heidi had fallen pregnant with our first child, Georgia, and I needed to get a job.

“The training was pretty scary but I took to it fine, progressing to Motability Manager and PCP (personal contract purchase) specialist,” he said.

Then came a fork in the road as Rob switched to finance, first working for First National handling relationships with motor dealers and then GE Capital and Capital Bank.

“It gave me a really good grounding, and lots of experience, in another part of business which was to put me in good stead for the years to come,” said Rob.

Roles as Group Finance Director at Penton Motor Group (2003-4), Business Manager and then General Manager at Bramshaw (SJC) eventually led to Rob becoming Co-Owner of Premier Sports Solutions in 2006.

For the next 11 years he helped successfully build the brand which supplied prestige cars to professional footballers and high net worth individuals.

They were heady days satisfying the needs of people living what Rob describes as ‘The Greatest Showman’ lifestyle.

He said: “I’m driven by my family and, if I’m honest, some of the things I saw were far removed from the reality of my life and many others.

“But they were good years and I’m proud of my contribution to the business.”

Three years ago Rob, 43, and now a father of four, founded RB Prestige Ltd.

In his words: “I was able to put into action my own values of trust, respect and loyalty, providing all marques and the right finance products to our clients.”

Services offered include used cars, tailored finance, bespoke customisation, specialist vehicles and VIP deals.

And, despite the name, Rob does not just look after high-end customers.

He said: “The ‘prestige’ refers to offering a prestige service for everyone.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone with £1,000 to spend on their first car or someone with £100,000 or more.

“Whether it’s the first car, the next car or the dream car, they’re our customers and deserve, and will get, the same level of service.

“Only at RB will you see a Porsche Cayenne Turbo being handed over one day and an awesome Vauxhall Astra Breeze the next, but with the same amount of smiles.

“A prestige service should be expected for everyone.”

Rob pictured with his daughter, Georgia, and her fiancé, Kyran, who both work in the business.

Rob’s right-hand woman in the business is his daughter, Georgia, 24, while her fiancé Kyran Yeatman is an automotive engineer.

Rob said: “Georgia has a history degree but insisted she wanted to join the company.

“She is the Office Manager and is the oil that makes everything run smoothly in the business.

“I’m really proud of her and what she’s achieved.

“Georgia is going to be a serious player in the motor industry.”

Like all businesses, RB Prestige, which had a £4m turnover in its last financial year, was affected by the lockdown but has since bounced back due to pent-up demand.

Rob said: “We might look at some small expansion in the future but not for the sake of it.

“I just to want to carry on looking after our customers, helping local good causes and providing the best possible service.”