Published: July 9, 2020 | Updated: July 10, 2020

Im-peck-able service! Satisfied client names budgie after solicitor in gratitude for her work

Solicitor Claire Bunton with the budgie named in her honour. Picture: Dorset Biz News.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Solicitor Claire Bunton says she’s “absolutely flattered” after a satisfied client named a budgerigar after her.

Commercial landlord David Stratton, who also breeds and rescues budgies, said it was the least he could do after the property litigation specialist helped with a tenancy matter.

Animal lover Claire now not only has a Lutino budgie named in her honour, pictured left, but has been nicknamed ‘Budgie Bunton’ by colleagues at Dutton Gregory.

David said: “Being in need of a specialist solicitor I turned to Claire for advice.

“She immediately grasped the situation, handled the matter with complete authority, and brought the issue to a satisfactory conclusion in my favour even recovering my costs.

“Claire has an eye for detail that I have never witnessed before in any other solicitor that I have used.

“Dutton Gregory must surely be very proud of Claire and the professionalism that she brings to the company.

“This is my small way of saying thank you for her excellent work.”

Claire – as in the budgie – is the daughter of Bob and Baby.

She’s one of 28 budgies kept by David, pictured right, at his Ferndown home.

Solicitor Claire said: “I love animals and used to breed racing pigeons.

“It’s very kind of David to name a bird after me and I feel absolutely flattered.

“I think the nickname ‘Budgie Bunton’ is going to follow me around for some time, though.”

David, a retired coach and mentor, is also an avid bowls player.

He is a member of Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club, in Poole, which is sponsored by Dutton Gregory.