Published: February 17, 2020 | Updated: February 18, 2020

It’s good to talk: Free mental wellbeing event for business leaders with ‘extra layer’ of stress

By Andrew Diprose, editor

An organiser of an event specifically for men and discussing mental wellbeing for business leaders and owners says he is running it to “scratch my own itch.”

The free ‘Men in Business’ session is held next Tuesday, February 25, from 6pm to 8.30pm at Barclays Eagle Lab Bournemouth.

It’s the second to be organised by Chris Heffer, a Director at LexisClick Growth Consultancy, pictured left.

The first last month attracted 12 people.

Chris said: “To be honest I am running it to scratch my own itch.

“I have personal experience with depression in the past and was inspired by a TED talk by Johann Hari (and, later, his book Lost Connections) to make some changes in my life.

“I moved to Bournemouth and felt quite isolated because I didn’t know many people on a personal level.

“Isolation is one of the things Johann describes as a cause of depression.

“I wanted to organise something that provided a place for people like me to meet up and talk openly about how they feel not just superficial polite conversation.

“There are many stresses that everyone has to deal with but being someone who runs a business you have an additional layer on top.

“The livelihood of all your employees depend on you. That is why I specifically wanted to organise an event for other business leaders/owners.

“I wasn’t sure if anyone one would turn up for the last event because of the stigma about mental health but a dozen people did which I thought was great for the first event.

“I would have considered it a success if I had a good chat with one person so was happy with 11 more than that.

“Everyone has mental health.

“I think mental health is something that needs looking after just like their physical health.

“Everyone should consider their mental wellbeing not just those who have diagnosed mental health problems.”

Chris said next week’s event will include:

  • Informal networking with other business leaders
  • Friendly people who will listen
  • No pressure to talk about anything you don’t want to talk about, just listen.
  • No speakers, no agenda

However, he stressed that anyone requiring help with their mental health should make an appointment to see their doctor or visit Dorset Mind’s website which can signpost help.

Chris added: “My hope is that the event builds a community of business leaders who value their mental wellbeing and want to help each other improve.

“If you are a business leader who wants to improve your mental wellbeing, you are very welcome to join us.

“After the event there will be a bunch of us going out for a meal if you want to join us.”

  • To register for the event, click here.