Published: February 23, 2020 | Updated: April 14, 2020

‘It’s now or never’ – talented videographer leaves ‘fantastic job’ to start own business

Luke Huckle, of Luke Huckle Video Ltd, in action. Picture: Oliver Watts.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Video content creator Luke Huckle admits the decision to ‘plunge’ into self-employment was daunting.

The 31-year-old has waved goodbye to a ‘fantastic job’ heading up an in-house video department at a Bournemouth advertising agency to set up his own business, Luke Huckle Video Ltd.

But Luke said: “It was now or never.

“My partner, Jessica, and I have just purchased our first house together, we don’t have any children yet, and with her support the decision was made.

“I have a fantastic, supportive family who have great skills in different aspects of business.

“They are there to help guide me and offer advice in the actual running of the business, which is something, as well as the work, I am really looking forward to.”

After graduating from Coventry University with a degree in Media Production, focusing on video, Luke started his working career in advertising at Aylesworth Fleming.

But after progressing to Junior Account Manager, he wanted to turn to something more creative and return to video.

To gain more experience he decided to take his first leap, leave his employment and go over to America to become a videographer for a summer camp in New York State.

Luke said: “This was a crazy experience, spending a summer creating content for a camp that was very expensive to attend.

“These kids had a lake for water skiing, a baseball field, a theatre, hockey, tennis, arts and crafts… all sorts of amazing activities every day for ten weeks which I filmed.

“This was a fantastic experience and led to me being offered – even before I came back to the UK – the chance to start an in-house video department by Aylesworth Fleming.”

That was 2013 and the department quickly became a core part of the business.

Luke was able to expand his skills and experience, working across a wide range of projects and not just doing the actual filming and editing, but also managing shoots and productions.

“It was a fantastic job, but after six years, I was ready to take the plunge into self-employment,” said Luke.

His new business sees him become Editor, Director, Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Sound Recordist and Photographer.

Luke said: “My experience lies in creating online, social media and Sky AdSmart/Video on Demand content.

“I am happy to go shooting on my own, editing the content, through to shooting within a larger production team, or being handed already shot footage for me to video/audio edit a story and colour grade.

​”Being experienced in budgeting, and quoting for a wide range of projects, I understand working within tight deadlines and even tighter costings.

“I am also available for stills photography, focusing on location and architectural photography.

“I love storytelling.

“I love capturing something, and then focusing on the editing side of the project to get the absolute most out of it.

“Whether that is a brand film for a business, a customer testimonial, or a piece of online social content. A story is key.

“With so much video out there, it can be easy for your video to be lost.

“Having a compelling, emotive story, even if the subject is not something you believe can be lent to that, there can always be a way.

“That is what I enjoy doing, and what I want to achieve for my clients.”

Luke added that one of the main reasons for being able to go self-employed was because a friend, Jon Love, had also set up on his own with a business partner, Chris Ward, two years ago.

The duo’s business reviews dental products and brings awareness of dental health through digital mediums.

Jon offered Luke some initial regular video work to help build his YouTube channel and video review content on .

It was one of the opportunities that enabled Luke to take the leap.

“To leave a salary, a company car, pension scheme and all sorts of great perks was daunting, but being one month in, it feels like a good decision,” said Luke.