Josh and Mollie are in perfect harmony as their natural healing business expands its services

Mollie Tolino and Dr Josh Sparks of Natural Healing Dorset.

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: May 3, 2022 | Updated: 4th May 2022

Chiropractor and yoga instructor Dr Josh Sparks likens our bodies to an orchestra.

He says: “If one musician in an orchestra is playing incorrectly; the entire symphony is ruined.

“If the body is in harmony and working correctly; the person is free from dis-ease [lack of a feeling of ease].”

The 26-year-old launched his own business – Natural Healing Dorset – last year.

With a seven-year background in yoga, fitness and wellbeing, he’s now been joined by his partner and fellow chiropractor, Mollie Tolino.

Josh, who operates the business out of yoga studios in Southbourne and New Milton, said: “I’m captivated by optimising my own and others health.

“I launched my business as I was tired of seeing profit-focused health centres.

“The focus of my business is high quality care – I aim to provide the highest standard of holistic health care

“My business model is to keep overheads down so we don’t have to rush appointments and help our community increase their health and wellbeing.

“We incorporate various techniques to help our clients – chiropractic, yoga therapy, physical rehab, breath work and meditation.

“Mollie brings the focus on to women health such as menstruation, menopause and pregnancy.

“Throughout the year we are running wellbeing events to get people more active and seeking healthy experiences.

“We are also launching Virtual Healing, an online video platform for people to follow videos on injuries, stress, headaches etc.”

Mollie, also 26, pictured, said that as a junior rower she had experienced the difference chiropractic can make.

She added: “I’m passionate about my work and I love what I do.

“For the past three years I’ve been practising at a multi-disciplinary clinic in London.

“I’ve been using a variety of tools to aid a patient including manual adjustments, massage, muscle release, exercise, dry needling, muscle testing, kinesiology taping, yogic techniques and rehabilitation advice.

“The diversity of conditions that chiropractic can help with is astonishing.

“The power the body has to heal itself when given a helping start can really benefit both acute and chronic conditions.

“I want to heal patients as quickly as possible and believe that with the right treatment programme and patient engagement, this can be achieved.

“I completed my yoga teacher training in India and went on to do a further 60 hours of Pranayama and specialist breathing techniques.

“I really value these practices alongside my chiropractic treatments as these techniques support my patients with everyday stress management, movement and flexibility.”

Both Josh and Mollie live life to the full outside work.

Josh enjoys hiking, surfing, rock-climbing, cycling, skating and slack-lining while Mollie’s pursuits include walking, climbing, yoga, paddle boarding, swimming and cycling.

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