Published: April 28, 2022 | Updated: April 29, 2022

Kat’s slimming programme brings together the sciences of positive psychology and weight loss

Kat Linsley Hood: “Weight loss has never been as simple as ‘here’s a food plan or menu, now off you go’.”
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Successful weight loss is not just about counting calories and shedding the pounds.

In Kat Linsley Hood’s experience it’s also managing the mental and emotional side.

Now the Dorset-based body positivity and empowerment coach has launched a new programme called Slimming Redefined.

It’s designed specifically to help tackle the mental and emotional sides of weight loss alongside the tools to help safely and sustainably lose weight.

Kat, a qualified nutritional coach and weight loss specialist, has spent the last 18 months working on the programme.

She said: “I’ve worked in weight loss on and off for nearly 16 years, working for some of the biggest brands in weight loss and one thing kept coming back up.

“It wasn’t just the plan they needed in terms of food, but to uncover and manage the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss too.

“Weight loss has never been as simple as ‘here’s a food plan or menu, now off you go’.

“In my experience I’ve found members struggle with emotions such as shame, guilt, frustration, fear, embarrassment and disappointment to name just a few.

“What I struggled to find in the current industry were plans which tackled both aspects at the same time.

“How much we need to eat to enable us to lose weight whilst also building skills and actions which could better support the mental and emotional side, too.”

Alongside learning the science behind nutrition and weight loss, Kat, pictured, also studied courses with some of the biggest universities learning about positive psychology, the science of happiness and wellbeing, managing emotions and success.

She said: “I knew something needed to change.

“The struggles my clients were coming to me with time and time again were stress, comfort eating, the negative thoughts they were having and a lack of self-belief, not food related issues.

“So having studied some incredible courses, I developed Slimming Redefined to provide members with the science of positive psychology alongside the science of weight loss.”

The weight loss aspect of the programme is calorie counting.

Kat, who started working for Weight Watchers in 2006 and Slimming World in 2018, said: “The science behind weight loss is simple, we need a calorie deficit to enable us to lose weight.

“This is what’s recommended by the NHS and many other health organisations and the basis for most of the commercial weight loss plans too.

“Calorie counting has been used for over 100 years to help people to lose weight.

“It’s accessible to everyone as nutritional information is widely available in supermarkets and restaurants.

“Whilst not all calories are equal from a nutritional perspective, losing weight by ensuring you’re in a calorie deficit is scientifically proven, safe and sustainable.”

Slimming Redefined launched on April 27.

It comprises a 12-week online programme with modules each week on positive psychology relating to weight loss alongside others specifically focusing on weight loss.

Each week there’s a practical action to take too, to help increase happiness and wellbeing.

Alongside these modules, there’s also a calculator which calculates the calories you need a day to lose, maintain or gain weight, a food and meal tracker with over 170,000 foods in the database and a weight tracker to track your progress.

The food tracker automatically updates to the weight inputted ensuring it adjusts to the individual requirements of the member.

Kat runs monthly live sessions for members to ask questions and get additional support along with an online community within the website and members only Facebook group for peer support.

Members also receive awards for their weight loss progress, celebrating not only the standard half stone and stone awards, but every one per cent of body weight they lose.

Kat said: “Seeing and celebrating our success is a blocker to a lot of people.

“Losing 7lbs can feel a long way off, so I wanted to ensure my members were celebrating all the changes they were making and seeing the rewards.

“For every one per cent they lose, they get an award added to their account and emailed to them.”

The programme is £59.95 for the 12 weeks, making it less than £5 a week for members to join.

After the initial 12 weeks, members can then access ongoing support through a membership giving them new information and actions each month to add to those they’ve already learned and are putting into action.