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Published: May 5, 2022 | Updated: May 6, 2022

Know what’s meant by disruptive marketing? Daniel Smith, MD, Fireworx, has the answer…

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Daniel Smith, Managing Director at Fireworx, our Digital Partner, answers your topical questions.


What does disruptive marketing mean to you, and how have you taken this mindset to support clients?

Disruption, in the positive sense, is for us all about being ground-breaking. It’s an innovative, challenging mindset, going against the status quo, shaking things up, and changing the landscape so you stand out from the crowd. Typically, this leads to a positive change in growth and positioning.

As for the mindset, it can be summed up simply as ‘so what?’. If the idea for anything, from a brand’s positioning, a campaign concept, or a social post doesn’t carry a tangible benefit, it’s just noise that fails the test, and will never drive big enough change.

We’re working with clients who want to do things differently. They’re re-writing the rules in their market and want to take calculated risks that lead to exponential growth.

For us getting into that mindset of being disruptive starts by helping clients define their positioning; looking at the market and competition and helping to establish a differentiated approach, so that their brand stands for something meaningful.

What is the value of design for a brand, and what are the important things to consider when developing your brand’s style and personality?

For us, good creativity and design are imperative. We believe that ideas backed by creativity win hands down. In fact, when it comes to successful marketing or digital, creativity kicks the hell out of non-creative work or just processes alone. It’s that simple.

We also believe that the best brands and businesses are the ones that people feel compelled to talk about, the ones that earn a place in people’s hearts and minds.

When we commence working with any client, we typically start with a brand workshop to define their brand values, their positioning in the marketplace, the tone of voice, and the marketing communication approach aligned to this.

We look to achieve three things in the early days of a launch:

  • A distinctive, memorable presentation.
  • A differentiated, clear value proposition.
  • A consistent tone of voice and message.

In our experience, getting these three areas right is key to developing any strong brand identity.