Published: October 15, 2021 | Updated: October 15, 2021

Kristie makes it her business to break death taboo and give you the send-off you deserve

Kristie Scott of The Death Planner: “Death is inevitable, but the majority of people just don’t talk about it.”
By Andrew Diprose, editor


It’s a word we tend to shy away from using.

But not Kristie Scott.

It’s even in the name of her business.

The Death Planner.

And deliberately so.

Kristie, a former funeral director, said: “I was conscious that I wanted to use the word death within my company name.

“It proves that it’s actually OK for people to use the word.”

The tagline for Kristie’s business says it all.

‘It’s always too soon, until it’s too late.’

Kristie, 42, said: “I felt for a long time that there was space for a company with a much more contemporary, open and honest approach to death, its organisation and planning.

“I wanted people to start being able to make more informed decisions around the subject.

“For example, there is so much more available out there than having your funeral in a church or crematorium with the wake at a pub.

“More importantly, I wanted to remove the taboo associated with death and to promote death positivity.

“It’s amazing what people don’t know about the subject.”

The Death Planner began life earlier this year.

Pre and post death planning services provided by Kristie, who is qualified with the Institute of Professional Willwriters, include:

  • Willwriting
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Digital Estate Plans
  • Funeral Plans
  • Swedish Death Cleaning
  • Living Funerals/Celebrations of Life
  • Memorial Services

Never come across Swedish death cleaning, before?

Kristie, a mother of two, said: “Death cleaning is a relatively new concept.

“It involves removing unnecessary possessions to make your home nice and orderly when you think the time is coming closer for you to die.

“However, you can actually death clean at any stage of your life.

“The difference between a general declutter and death cleaning is that it goes a step beyond simply removing excess belongings.

“With death cleaning once you decide the items you want to keep, you provide instructions to your loved ones as to what to do with them after you die.”

Living funerals and celebrations of life – a funeral or party before you die – are rapidly gaining popularity in this country.

They’re big in America.

Kristie, who lives in Weymouth, has already organised two celebrations of life.

She said: “Most of the people I look after have some kind of degenerative disease.

“This is a chance to actually say goodbye to family and friends.

“They’re very emotional occasions but can also give great comfort.

“Just like a party planner I take care of everything, from the invitations to organising a photographer.

“Some of the services I offer are unheard of but they all serve an important purpose in death planning and organisation.

“I strongly believe that it is never too young to start planning for the end.

“This is not morbid but gives people an element of control and also means that each individual’s wishes are carried out.

“I am also a strong advocate that young families/people should have Wills.

“Wills are generally seen as a document for the older generation.

“However, the outcome for people who don’t have one with property, children, businesses etc can prove devastating.”

Despite the traditional reserve about discussing death, Kristie said she found many people were fascinated by the subject – and her business.

Her Instagram and Facebook accounts have followers from around the world.

She said: “Discussing death with those you love, let alone confronting it yourself, is difficult.

“However, death is an inevitable part of life and planning for it can help those that you love immeasurably.

“When a family knows their loved ones wishes, it can offer some certainty and comfort during what can be one of the most challenging times in their life.

“Death is inevitable, but the majority of people just don’t talk about it.

“I believe that we all have a duty to make the end of our life as easy as possible for those we love and leave behind.

“You also get the send-off you truly desire.

“My business is going from strength to strength, proving there’s a real need for the services that I offer.

“We love to plan or talk about other significant events in our lives – our weddings, our pregnancies, our christenings, our retirements.

“But to talk or plan for our death is much less popular.

“But why not put as much thought and consideration into your final act?

“After all, it’s possibly the most important occasion of all.”