Published: January 30, 2022 | Updated: January 31, 2022

Lights, camera, action! Steve’s firm embraces digital marketing by spending £200k on studio

Steve McKay, Managing Director, Motion Control Products: “This is the future of selling.” Picture: Dorset Biz News.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Steve McKay doesn’t believe in doing things by halves.

So when he decided during the height of the pandemic to fully embrace the digital age by building a self-contained studio complex, it was a case of only the best will do.

The end result, after spending upwards of £200,000, has knocked the socks off even seasoned professional broadcasters.

Steve, Managing Director of Motion Control Products, pictured left, said: “We had Sky News in for an interview and they saw our set-up.

“It’s fair to say that they were very impressed.

“But this is the future of selling.

“There is no reason to be shy about it.

“The digital age is upon us and falling behind is something we don’t want to do and neither should any other business.”

A former sales office at the company’s Francis Avenue site in Bournemouth has been converted into a 64 square metre studio bristling with the latest and most advanced equipment.

It includes five studio cameras, professional lighting, vMix studio software, teleprompter, 86-inch interactive display SMART Board and a control gallery.

The Motion Studio has a separate entrance with a lounge area, kitchen and shower and toilet facilities.

Steve, 63, said: “We’ve tried to think of everything and we haven’t cut any corners.

“I’m absolutely amazed at what we’ve achieved and feel very proud.”

The Motion Studio will be used by Steve’s robotic automation company to film and demonstrate its products.

But it’s also available to rent out to other businesses and community organisations.

Half day rates, for up to three hours, are £600 with a full day, up to six hours, costing £950. An operator is included.

The figures exclude VAT.

A two minute fully rendered video to add to the presentation is £500.

Steve said: “As a company we strive to be innovative in the products we sell but we’ve now become innovative in the way we sell.

“We can now film live or publish pre-recorded footage for all customers, potential customers, and prospects to view.

“We understand that not every business has the funding, let alone the time, to create their own studio.

“It’s why we have decided to rent our room out for others to use.

“It’s no secret that some companies are struggling to find means of selling to their customers.

“We have fully entered the digital era and, as a company, want to help others step into the new era together within our ‘Motion Studio’.

“It is the way of the future for businesses.

“Finding a room that is well equipped and ready to be rented out to businesses locally or nationwide is hard to come by at an affordable price.

“Whether you want to do a live demonstration, presentation, podcast, promo video, or any other production you have in mind, then this room has the capabilities.”

Founded by Steve in 1993, Motion Control Products employs 22 people and has annual sales of £5 million.

For more details about the Motion Studio email or phone 01202 599922.