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Published: October 15, 2019 | Updated: October 15, 2019

Location, location, location: Aviation executive predicts ‘rosy future’ for Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport which is part of Regional & City Airports (RCA), owned by the Rigby Group.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A high-flying aviation executive is predicting a “rosy future” for Bournemouth Airport with its location ideally suited to capture more business.

William Pearson stepped down from his post as Chief Commercial Officer with Regional & City Airports (RCA), the owners and operators of Bournemouth Airport, last month in order to care for his elderly father.

He had been in the role for just 12 months after a 31-year aviation career which included posts as Head of Aviation Sales at Manchester Airport and Aviation Director at Birmingham Airport.

Mr Pearson, whose job was to bring more business to Bournemouth and other airports in the RCA group including Coventry, Exeter and Norwich, said: “I think Bournemouth has a very rosy future.

“It has the ability to position itself with an outbound leisure market, capitalising on its geographical location and the fact that so many millions of people live within a relatively close distance.

“The airport can also do well with the business market. It’s all about domestic and international connectivity and Bournemouth is in an ideal position to make the most of this.”

Mr Pearson, who is now a freelance aviation and commercial development senior executive, said RCA had been very supportive about his career break.

He added: “I was very sorry to step down from the role, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but family must always come first in my book.”

His successor is Mark Souter, formerly Head of Aviation Business Development at Manchester Airports Group (MAG).

Mr Souter’s previous jobs have also included Senior Manager, Global Corporate Sales, for Etihad Airways and Head of Airline Relations, London Stansted Airport.

Regional & City Airports is the airport’s division of Rigby Group which acquired the whole of the issued share capital of Bournemouth International Airport, and its subsidiaries, for a total of £39,031,000 in December 2017.