Published: August 17, 2020 | Updated: August 17, 2020

“Make losing your job be the making of you” says Amy speaking from personal experience

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Turn your trauma into triumph.

Five words.

But Amy Murray believes they could be key to helping the millions expected to lose their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

Her ebook – ‘The Ejector Seat Empowerment Guide: How to protect your wellbeing after losing your job’ – has just been published and is available through Amazon.

And, says Amy, it’s the one for you if you’ve been:

  • Fired
  • Made redundant
  • Chosen to walk out of your job without working your notice after being pushed to breaking point.

Amy, 38, said: “You are not your job.

“Your job is something that you do.

“It’s now time to do things differently.

“Turn your trauma into triumph, unlock the gifts this situation presents, and make losing your job be the making of you.

“My 12-step empowerment guide will teach you how you can creatively navigate the unknown terrain ahead and ensure that your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health thrive in the process.”

Amy knows all about losing her job.

She was ‘let go’ from her job as Head of Branding at a Poole company last month.

It came as a shock.

But, Amy said: “I made the conscious decision to channel this painful experience into something positively powerful that would help thousands of other people empower themselves to cope with their own situation.

“My motivation is to help as many people as possible to avoid the mental breakdown.

“Instead, get those positive, empowering vibes up to the highest volume.

“It’s that which has manifested this book into existence at great speed.

“Many people are being laid off left, right and centre in the wake of coronavirus.

“Those people need to know that this is not the end for them.

“This is the beginning of something empowering and beautiful.

“The book teaches people how to reframe their job loss as a gift and use it to shape a future that feels fulfilling.”

Amy, pictured left, is a wellbeing coach, holistic healing practitioner, author, teacher, copywriter, designer, branding consultant and the creator of the Lady Laldy® wellbeing brand.

She is originally from Guernsey and moved to Bournemouth four years ago.

Amy said: “Everything in this book is the 12-Step process I implemented for myself when I was ‘let go’ to ensure I could keep going.

“I have personally experienced depression and anxiety at several points in life.

“Through this experience, I know there are a number of things that need to be put in place to give yourself the best chance of protecting your mental health.

“Losing your job puts people’s wellbeing in jeopardy through the stress and emotional turmoil experienced.

“As a wellbeing coach, I am deeply passionate about helping people protect their mental health and general wellbeing.

“Redundancy, or being fired, leaves people susceptible to anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation and other health challenges.

“It’s at the time when people need to be most resilient and feel confident in their abilities, so they can secure new employment and best present themselves to potential new employers.”

Amy said it had been her dream since childhood to be a published author.

The 91-page book costs £9.99 and can be ordered here.

As for her Lady Laldy wellbeing brand Amy said: “Laldy is a Scottish word meaning to give it gusto, give it everything you’ve got.

“Honouring my Scottish roots on my maternal side of the family, this is the perfect name for my soul-filled creative endeavours.

“My desire to help others feel connected and empowered has formed the foundation of this business.

“I believe that it is possible to bring healing through many different forms and one of my ways to do this is by sharing my creativity.

“Every product in the Lady Laldy range has been created with heart and soul to uplift, inspire and bring alignment with your true self.”

The products include books, journals, greetings cards and framed prints.

The Lady Laldy website can be found here.