Published: July 5, 2020 | Updated: July 5, 2020

Mic company which has Adele and Ed Sheeran among its users forms Abbey Road partnership

Pictured outside the famous Abbey Road Studios (left to right) Chris Cook, Sontronics Product Manager; Trevor Coley, Sontronics Founder & Designer; Lucy Garcia, ARI Student Administrator; Mike Sinnott; ARI Campus Manager and Carlos Lellis, ARI Programme Director.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

They make microphones used by some of the world’s biggest artists and entertainers, including Adele and Ed Sheeran, as well as BBC Strictly and schools and universities.

Most are hand-built in Poole.

Now Sontronics has formed an official partnership with the Abbey Road Institute (ARI) – based in London but with schools around the world – following years of working with them and the iconic studios next door where all the company’s microphone prototypes are tested by their leading engineers.

The link between ARI and the microphone company dates back to when the school was founded in 2015,

It followed many years of close involvement between the brand and Abbey Road Studios itself where many Sontronics microphone prototypes have been worked on and developed.

ARI graduate Chris Cook, who was a student from ARI’s first intake, joined the Sontronics team in 2016 and is now the brand’s full-time Product Manager.

Both Chris and Trevor Coley, Sontronics’ Founder and Designer, regularly give microphone and recording workshops at the London campus, teaching the students how to get the best results through the understanding of microphone types, correct placement and various recording techniques.

The official partnership provides ARI’s music production students with additional learning experiences through masterclasses, online workshops and on-site work placements at Sontronics’ Poole HQ as well as access to Sontronics’ full range of microphones plus the chance to try out and give feedback on new prototypes.

Trevor said Sontronics had always placed great emphasis on education and the partnership provided the perfect opportunity to share the brand’s technical expertise and knowledge with the next generation of producers, engineers and artists.

He added: “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Abbey Road Institute, where we’re thrilled to say our mics are used on a daily basis and, of course, all our new prototypes are put through their paces next door in Abbey Road Studios under the watchful eye of Chief Microphone Technician Lester Smith.

“We have a passion for creating innovative products and building classics of the future, but we are also dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping others to develop their skills.

“Our partnership with Abbey Road Institute reflects these two aspects of Sontronics perfectly.”

With much of the world still living in very different circumstances due to Covid-19, the ARI team has adapted its teaching methods, giving classes electronically.

Staff have worked closely with Sontronics to develop online and live-streamed workshops.

The new workshops are available to not just London students but also shared with the other Institutes across Europe and South Africa.

Mike Sinnott, ARI’s Campus Manager, said: “Trevor and his team have developed a comprehensive range of excellent-sounding mics that have proved to be a big hit with staff and students alike.

“Since working with Sontronics we have received a consistently high level of personalised educational support.

“I am happy that we can now formally announce them as one of our key partners.”

Sontronics was founded by musician and engineer Trevor Coley in 2004 and launched to the world at the 2005 NAMM Show.

Its range has grown to include small- and large-diaphragm condensers, multi-award-winning valve mics, affordable dynamic mics including the new Podcast Pro, phantom-powered ribbon mics and instrument-specific mics for drums, guitars, vocals and guitar amps.

Famous users and followers also include Glyndebourne Opera as well as some of the world’s most prolific producers, composers and studios.