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Moon circle leader Stevie is helping people create their dream lives through the light of lunar cycles

Stevie McCormick. Founder of Stars By Stevie, holding a moon-shaped ball as she leads a moon circle

By Sam Pither [email protected]

Published: October 10, 2023 | Updated: 9th February 2024

“It’s all about making a space for people to help them find a positive mindset, which will give them the confidence to make positive changes in their lives.”

These are the words of Stevie McCormick, Founder of Stars By Stevie, who runs moon circles at the Healing Haven in Poole.

An Astrologer, Life Coach and Guide, she aims to help people be the fullest expression of themselves in every aspect of their lives.

But what exactly is a moon circle?

“We do a mixture of journalling, visualisation and meditation,” she explained.

“I love spirituality, but I’m also a bit of a neuroscience geek – which comes from my learning and development background.

“So, I mix tried and tested neuroscience techniques with spirituality to help people get the results they want in their lives.

“The moon is like a psychic guide. In the moon circles we look at the astrology through your birth chart, and we’ll look to see which house the moon is lighting up for you, with each house representing an area of your life.”

“Often, people coming into the circle might be struggling with a particular aspect of their life, then they’ll come into the circle and realise ‘ah, that’s really impacting me so what is it I need to do to achieve my goals.”

For those intrigued by the idea of combining spirituality with practical neuroscience, attending a moon circle provides a holistic approach to self-discovery and personal development.

As participants engage in the process, they may find themselves confronting aspects of their lives that require attention or transformation. This introspective journey can prompt individuals to consider what questions to ask a psychic during such sessions.

These questions act as gateways to deeper understanding, allowing seekers to explore specific challenges or seek guidance on their journey towards achieving personal goals.

Through the fusion of spiritual insights and neuroscience, moon circles become powerful spaces for self-reflection and positive transformation.

Stevie started working as an astrologer in April 2020, having left behind her corporate job as a Learning and Development Manager at the council.

“I found myself living a life filled with Sunday dread. Every day I was thinking that surely there’s more to life.

“I decided to take my destiny into my own hands, and set about setting up my dream business during the pandemic.

Stevie created a nationwide online membership called The Girl and the Moon, and other online services, to help others achieve the same.

“The huge changes in lifestyle which came with the pandemic led others to question the everyday routines they used to live in.

“In my own life, I had separated from my marriage and I found others who were struggling with similar questions around their life purpose, career and relationships.

“Moon circles are a place for others to feel inspired, motivated and supported by other kindred spirits to chase after their dreams.”

Monthly moon circles include connection, guided visualisations, astrology based insights and neuroscience backed techniques, which Stevie hopes will help people rewire their minds for success.

“It’s very much about connecting with people around you who have similar values and goals in life. As it’s shown we are most like the five people we spend the most time with.

“The circles and my services are primarily focused on positive psychology – the power of believing anything is possible allows you to thrive towards your personal and professional goals.

“When you have self-belief and confidence you find that nothing is greater than you and taking care of yourself and your goals becomes your primary focus. Discovering it allows you to show up as your best self not just for you but those around you. Mental health is wealth!

“Through my services I want people to feel and know anything is possible, what you want it wanting you and life gets to be this good.”

For more information, including to book a space in one of Stevie’s circles, visit her website here.

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