Published: November 26, 2019 | Updated: November 27, 2019

New affordable helpline launched for small businesses struggling with the GDPR ‘octopus’

Tracey O’Connell, Founding Director (front left) with the Lawpoint team.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Small businesses struggling with the GDPR ‘octopus’ are being offered a lifeline or, more accurately, a helpline.

Bournemouth-based Lawpoint describes General Data Protection Regulation as akin to the eight-limbed mollusc, reaching into any aspect of the day-to-day running of an organisation and, therefore, requiring controlling.

Businesses of any size can face the potential of a security breach even if the company has its own appointed Data Protection Officer.

While a hacked IT system or the loss of an unencrypted laptop may be more obvious security breaches, a wrongly sent email containing personal data of a customer may also be considered a security breach.

Small businesses, in particular, may fear a big fine for breaching GDPR or be unsure whether a breach requires reporting to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Lawpoint has now launched an affordable advice helpline with Tracey O’Connell, Founding Director, and her legal team, able to provide quick advice to businesses – regulated or otherwise – to avoid or manage reportable security breaches.

Tracey said: “Not everyone wants to pay for expensive advice when they are not even sure whether or not a reportable security breach has occurred or how serious it is.

“However, not acting the right way or quickly enough to a reportable security breach could cost your business more.

“This is all about taking care of people’s personal data and minimising the impact if things go wrong.

“We do this regularly for our own clients and know that not every security breach requires notification – it all depends on the risk that the breach poses to individuals.

“The helpline will not be a place where callers will receive lectures but concise answers and next stage advice, especially as a business must confess to a reportable security breach within 72 hours of a staff member recognising the issue.

“In our experience, the ICO will not look favourably on businesses who have not reported a security breach but where that breach has been reported to the  ICO  by an affected individual.”

The helpline costs a minimum of £50 +VAT.

It is available within normal office hours.