Published: July 30, 2020 | Updated: July 30, 2020

New ‘The Ignited Man Podcast’ sparks into action aiming to help men struggling with life

Stuart Dixon, Founder and presenter of ‘The Ignited Man Podcast’.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A new podcast specifically for men’s wellbeing launches next week with its founder fulfilling a 13-year ambition to create a vehicle for men who may be struggling with life.

Stuart Dixon, a marketing consultant and digital producer, says The Ignited Man Podcast will inspire and educate men of all ages to take action to improve their mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing as well as find purpose, drive and fulfilment.

The 40 minute weekly show launches with five episodes, four featuring special expert guests.

They are:

  • Deron Essex a spiritual life coach from Chicago
  • Matt King, host and founder of the Sales Change podcast
  • Paul Tansey, Managing Director of Intergage and a business leader
  • Rowan Andrews, a professional men’s coach and founder of one of the UK’s largest support groups

All will be sharing with Stuart their experiences of overcoming adversity and achieving success.

They’ll also pass on the habits and behaviours they’ve found have made a difference and allowed them to live a life less ordinary.

Each episode will provide information on subjects such as overcoming trauma, the importance and value of positive men’s groups, prioritising your health while under the immense pressure of running a business and coming back from the brink of suicide to turn your life around and live authentically.

Stuart, who produced the Dorset Business Awards for four years, said: “This podcast is incredibly exciting.

“I have recorded season one and I have already learnt so much from the experience and from my guests.

“I can’t wait to share this incredible content with people.”

Stuart successfully crowdfunded for the podcast with the support of more than 70 backers.

All pledged money to help get the project off the ground.

Stuart said: “I am so grateful to the people who backed the podcast, it gives you a lot of confidence and momentum to get started.

“A lot of work goes into planning and producing a podcast and managing time around home schooling and work was always going to be a challenge.

“I was determined to get the show launched and start to make a difference to men’s wellbeing.

“I’m proud of what I have achieved so far but now the real work begins.

“The podcast is the vehicle to build a community of support and personal growth so those men who are struggling can realise that they are not alone and that they have the power to make things much better for themselves and their families.

“By listening to the show and taking note of the key takeaways, listeners can start to make the changes to transform their lives for the better.”

A father of three, Stuart, 43, said he was passionate about making the podcast a success.

The concept had been in his mind since 2007 and he believed the topics covered in the show will resonate with most men, he added.

Subscribers of the show can look forward to some insightful interviews in future weeks.

Guests include Dr Anthony Balduzzi, a men’s health, weight loss and muscle-building expert and Founder of the Fit Father Project.

He has helped over 35,000 busy fathers achieve their health and fitness goals.

Another guest will be British Cycling’s Barney Storey MBE, the world’s most successful sprint tandem pilot with three paralympic gold medals and six world titles.

Stuart has big ambitions for the show.

He said: “The next step for ‘The Ignited Man Podcast’ will be to improve it with each episode, to grow an engaged audience and reach as far and as wide as possible.

“I’m looking to secure advertisers and sponsors who also care about men’s wellbeing so that I can produce more episodes and get some blockbuster guests.

“This launch is just the start.”

  • ‘The Ignited Man Podcast’ is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify from Tuesday August 4. Fans of the podcast can contact Stuart via email stuart.dixon@theignitedman.com or directly message him on social media to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, to become a guest on the show or enquire about sponsorship or advertising opportunities.