Published: April 21, 2021 | Updated: April 22, 2021

New three-day food and fitness festival is an ‘opportunity to find adventure’ say organisers

By Andrew Diprose, editor

A new three-day food and fitness festival is being described as “a spotlight for all contenders to shine”.

The first Contender Fest is due to be held from Friday September 10 to Sunday September 12.

Organisers say it will combine food and fitness with chilled music vibes and the Contender Games.

Attractions range from food vendors to an obstacle course and include craft artisan makers, gym equipment, exercise classes and street food.

Founder Des Burke, pictured left, said: “At Contender Fest, we don’t believe that fitness should just be for looks.​

“Eat well, live well.

“Contender Fest is an opportunity to find adventure.

“Fitness is mostly seen as the end goal, but there are different levels, from a CrossFit athlete to a 95-year-old grandma walking to the shops.

“Your fitness is yours and yours alone.

“Become a Contender and escape the monotony.”

The Contender Games are billed as “a workout like no other”.

Des said: “They’re made up of a number of activities that will change how you see fitness.

“It includes a purpose-built Obstacle Course playground, a Contender training ground filled with lung-burners, speed, strength, and stamina obstacles.

“The Big5 is something of a personal challenge to test your grit.

“PX2 is a team race.

“Run 4 Your Life is an individual event

“Swarm100 individual, team, or family time, go at your own pace.

“A Contender can be anybody.

“Contender Fest is not just about running and jumping, this festival is an opportunity for everyone to shine if they want too.

“From dance performances, expert demonstrations, to food vendors and craft artisan and so much more.

“Even children need a stage to shine and Contender Fest has one, just for them.”

Contender Fest is to be held at Parley Lane, Hurn, and camping will be available.

Tickets cost from £8 and can be bought here.

Des can be contacted at