Broth business expands into the North East after being licensed for pets and humans

Rachel Down, Founder and MD, Boil & Broth (left) and Helena Bramma of Poochie Park.

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: May 26, 2021 | Updated: 27th May 2021

A business which has transformed the health of hundreds of people for the better has moved into the pet sector.

Boil & Broth, founded by Rachel Down, is the only broth manufacturer to hold a dual licence to produce bone broth for pets and humans.

It is now being sold in the North East after joining forces with a distributor, Poochie Park.

Rachel, of Poole, launched Boil & Broth in 2018 after becoming dissatisfied with the pharmaceutical drugs she was being prescribed for a variety of health issues.

After carrying out her own research into the cause of seemingly endless infections she not only cured herself within 12 weeks but lost 2.5 stone in weight, followed by a further four stone.

The 41-year-old discovered how certain foods helped her and started to make bone broth, following a strict candida diet which she designed herself.

Rachel found her broth, home-made kefir water and supplements resolved her health and digestive issues.

She started Boil & Broth after people suffering similar health issues contacted her for help and advice.

Now the business has teamed up with Poochie Park in the North East to offer healthy treats for pets.

The new partnership will see Boil & Broth expand its gut health products into the pet feed industry.

Poochie Park has taken on the role of distributor for the North East and has already secured five stockists in just a week.

Rachel, pictured, said: “We are delighted to work with Helena Bramma and her team at Poochie Park.

“We’ve been making bone broth on our farm for over three years now and, so far, have helped people gain wellness from our products.

“It’s fantastic we can do this for pets too.

“In fact, we are the only broth manufacturer in the UK to hold a dual licence to produce bone broth for pets and humans.

“When we heard of the demand for healthy treats in the North, we were excited to partner with Helena.”

Helena, of Poochie Park, said: “It’s a great opportunity for us to work with a brand such as Boil & Broth.

“They are unique in that their products are as good for humans as they are for pets.

“We’ve seen a huge demand for healthy treats at our shop, so not only did it make sense to stock them, but we’ve also taken the opportunity to sell them on behalf of Boil & Broth.”

Bone broth and kefir water are the two main products Poochie Park is selling into retail on behalf of Boil & Broth.

Boil & Broth say it is these products that can help improve the digestion of dogs and cats as well as additional joint and ligament support.

Rachel said: “We stepped into the pet feed industry after being frequently asked if our products were okay for dogs.

“There are no vegetables in our broth.

“We add more bones, which is why there are so many health benefits to our broth.”

The pet products available are broth in beef, lamb and chicken – 180g broth paws, 250ml and 500ml broth pouches – and Kefir water in 250ml bottles.

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