Want to work in sport? Podcast talks to those in the know about fulfilling your dream career

Mitch Parris, left, and Sam Wheeler who devised PitchTALKS.

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: September 24, 2020 | Updated: 24th September 2020

A new podcast focusing on talking to people who work within sport but never get seen has been launched by two ‘sports mad’ friends.

PitchTALKS was devised by best mates Mitch Parris, 26, and Sam Wheeler, 25.

It has only been running from this month but has already featured interviews with:

  • Dominic Edwards – Senior lecturer at West Ham United Foundation.
  • Graham Howe – Freelance sports broadaster (Sky/BT Sport).
  • Michael Jackson – CEO of a sports sponsorship company.
  • Chris Brindley MBE – Chair at the Rugby League World Cup 2021.

A new episode is released every Saturday at 9am.

Mitch, who lives in Verwood, said: “Sam and I have been friends since school and always had a passion for sport.

“We had the dream of many youngsters, wanting to become a sports star.

“However like many, and after a heartbreaking conversation with our parents who told us we weren’t going to make it, we got on with life. university, work etc.

“I’d never quite given up on working in sport, whether it be in business, marketing, or the number 1 career goal, broadcasting and journalism.

“However, I found myself stuck in a loophole where you need experience.

“But to get experience you need a degree.

“If you already have a degree, you don’t necessarily want to go back for another three years, or spend another £50,000.

“I thought this was just me until I had conversations with friends and connections on LinkedIn and found they faced the same struggles.

“Which is where the idea came from, providing a new type of content to the common question: How can I get into sport?”

Mitch said many other sports podcasts existed but there were none highlighting the people who played a key role in ‘Bringing You The Game.’

He added: “This is where the series of PitchTALKS: Bringing You The Game was developed.

“We speak to these individuals about their own career journey, what they do now and, most importantly, what they suggest people looking to take on a similar role can do to start.

“For many, the sports industry is something of a dream environment to be involved in.

“Yet, it’s also one of the most challenging to break in to.

“Through hearing fascinating stories, from those on the inside, PitchTALKS will aim to inspire, entertain, and educate the new budding sports pundits, eagle-eyed photographers and imaginative storytellers of tomorrow.”

PitchTALKS is free to listen to across Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Youtube and more.

All the podcasts can also be found here.

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