Published: September 10, 2020 | Updated: September 11, 2020

Now that’s Baboosh! Your own brand director plus the expertise of up to seven professionals

Dani Nodwell, Founder, Baboosh!
By Andrew Diprose, editor

It’s already become somewhat of a well-worn phrase.

But true, none the less.

Life – and especially business – has changed forever as a result of the pandemic.

Whether it’s commuting, splitting work between office/home or feeling at ease with video conferencing and networking, things look set to be very different in the future.

And are the days of the ‘one size fits all’ creative agency also numbered?

As reported on Dorset Biz News, Daniel Ward-Murphy, Founder and Managing Director of Curious Toddler, has pioneered the ‘hub and spoke’ philosophy.

Core people sit at the centre – the hub – and well-briefed, talented freelancers – the spokes – are used to undertake their part in a project.

According to Daniel, costs for the client can be cut by up to 50 per cent without any loss in quality.

Now Dani Nodwell has created her own version, suited to the times we live in.

For the last four years she has been a self-employed Brand Director/Consultant, supporting a variety of different brands and clients with brand strategy and marketing direction.

But Dani, 42, felt the concept could be developed further.

A slowdown in her work as a result of the lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to spend time planning and building a new business model.

Baboosh! is the result.

Still Dani but with the ability to call on the expertise of seven professionals in the creative sector.

The collective.

Dani said: “Now more than ever the service model I am offering is a more contemporary and relevant one to the times we find ourselves in.

Baboosh! suits brands and businesses who do not wish to commit to recruit in-house senior expertise, which is costly, or go through agencies which can also be very expensive.

“I offer a Brand Director service with a difference.

“It’s non-committal and flexible.

“I can also tap into my collective of the best people I have come across over the past 15 years or so to get the work done.

“No downtime and no overheads to pass on to that client.”

Dani, who’s married to Steve, a designer, and has a daughter, Nancy, aged five, said the concept was a “win-win.”

“I’m your Brand Director, guardian and consultant, offering all the support you require, but without all the costs that go with either employing someone or having an agency,” she said.

A former Special Publications Field Sales Manager with the Bournemouth Daily Echo, Dani was drawn to the bright lights of London in 2005, initially as the Marketing and Promotions Manager for a sports café.

Over the following decade she worked in senior marketing roles for a variety of agencies and companies before returning to Bournemouth in 2016.

Since then she has worked for River Cottage, Cubid CBD, Barker Group, MyTime Young Carers, Bournemouth Rugby Club, and EasyMix as well as agencies including M Media Group (MMG) and Global Brand Communications.

Dani said: “Building a brand is so much more than creating a logo and a random tag line.

“It’s about creating real meaning, authenticity and relevancy so that it truly resonates with who you are talking to.

“Brand strategy is so much more important than people think.

“It is vital to create a blueprint going forward of the brand that is consistent and relevant.

“It makes your brand authentic and true, if your team always stick to what you have set out.

“It also helps shape how you communicate with a consistent tone of voice and message.”

Members of Dani’s collective include:

  • Simon Lown – graphic design, creative direction, brand design.
  • Ian Mcawley – b2b copywriter, journalism and PR.
  • Neil Meldrum – digital, copy writing, print design.
  • Steve Nodwell – brand environment, creative and design.
  • Duncan Scott – experiential and promotional site space.
  • Kate Shaw – b2c PR.
  • Natasha Wharton – web design, content writer, social media.

Dani, who works out of the Kindred Labs co-working space for creative entrepreneurs in Southbourne, said: “Right now seems the perfect time to launch this type of business model.

“With the pandemic, remote working is becoming the norm and there is nervousness around committing to long term financials.

“This solution is timely and risk free.

“It is also a time where businesses need to change their message and re-evaluate how they are going to market themselves to nervous customers – to keep their business thriving.

“I am helping businesses overcome these challenges, by offering something that is flexible, cost effective and delivers.”