Published: October 15, 2021 | Updated: October 15, 2021

One very determined mum taking on the pram giants with her three-in-one luxury Babylimo

Anna Klesse: “I’m very proud of the Babylimo and believe we’ve set new standards for the baby carriage market.”
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Anna Klesse is one very determined woman.

So when she became pregnant and couldn’t find a suitable baby carriage, she decided to do something about it.

Introducing, then, the Babylimo.

Designed and developed by Anna who lives in Poole.

A 3-in-1 luxury travel system which includes a pushchair, stroller and car seat.

Inspired and based on innovation from the car manufacturing sector.

Designed specifically with Dorset living in mind.

From beach walks to countryside rambles.

Continuing the motoring theme, Anna, whose son, Timothy, is now nearly five, said: “I believe Babylimo has the safety of a Volvo, the handling of a Porsche, the all-terrain qualities of a Land Rover and the luxury of a Bentley.”

She first started designing what was to become Babylimo in 2018.

Anna, 33, said: “When I was looking for a pram. I simply couldn’t find a system that catered for the different heights and builds of my immediate family.

“I’m tall and have long arms but my mum is shorter and has back problems.

“Does that mean her physical health should be compromised when taking her grandson for a walk?

“I think not!

“During my extensive research I was shocked to find how poorly designed many of the baby walking systems are in the UK.

“I found out this is predominantly due to the fact that many manufacturers are based in China.

“They, therefore, cater for a population much shorter in height than Europeans or manufacturers cut costs shortening the frame.

“I also didn’t want to buy separate items: pram, pushchair, stroller and car seat.  I wanted one.

“None of the products on the market were well made, durable, and practical at the same time.

“I wanted a ‘babylimo’, a vehicle for our baby that was safe and practical for wherever we chose to go.

“I also wanted something that was built to last and could stand the test of time as my baby developed into a toddler.”

Babylimo, which first came to market in October 2020, has a range of adjustable steering heights and a higher frame position, more suited to the UK market.

Other innovative features include five point suspension, ventilation grills, an eco-leather finish, adjustable back support and 23 inch gel wheels for off road driving.

“Dads, in particular, love it and so do siblings,” said Anna.

“The men especially like the handlebar which is provided by a manufacturer of steering wheels and has a proper feel.

“The feedback we receive is amazing.”

Other innovative features from Babylimo include a free ‘to your door’ personalised test drive.

Anna said: “Covid had a dramatic effect on people’s ability to go to the shop and try out baby carriages prior to purchase.

“We remove that problem by delivering our 3-in-1 system directly to prospective customers’ homes for them to try for themselves.

“We are so confident in our product that we are willing to make this investment in order to drive sales.”

The Babylimo, which is manufactured in the EU, is available exclusively online through, retailing at £975.

Anna said: “It’s designed to last and, coming as a 3-in-1, you don’t need to buy a separate pushchair, stroller and car seat.

“Our sales are now in three figures but we will be looking to grow the business by appointing UK distributors.

“Eventually we’d like to target countries such as the USA and Australia.”

Three people are employed permanently in sales, customer service, PR and digital with plans to increase the team.

Anna said: “Life goes at such a pace but sometimes I stop and think to myself: How did I make this happen?

“I’m very proud of the Babylimo and believe we’ve set new standards for the baby carriage market.”