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Published: July 27, 2020 | Updated: July 27, 2020

Organisers say Virtual Sounding Board ‘could be most productive hour you spend on Zoom’

Nick Bryant, Client Services Manager, Inspire.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

Stand by for the Virtual Sounding Board.

That’s the name for a free monthly event designed to support entrepreneurs and business owners.

Poole-based accountancy firm, Inspire, has joined forces with Trethowans Solicitors, to organise the event.

The Virtual Sounding Board is an opportunity for business owners to:

  • Come together
  • Share any issues
  • Highlight challenges
  • Discuss solutions

On hand will be a team of experts from the professional and financial sector within accountancy and law, supported by Barclays Business Banking.

Those taking part will have the opportunity to discuss real life issues or challenges that are affecting their business right now, with the experts and other business leaders, in a friendly environment.

The Virtual Sounding Board is on Wednesday August 12 at 10am.

On the panel will be Mark Nixon, Corporate Partner, Trethowans, pictured left; Nick Bryant, Client Services Manager at Inspire, and Ian Jarvis, High Growth & Entrepreneurs Business Manager, Barclays Business.

Nick said: “We understand that lots of entrepreneurs and business owners are facing challenges at the moment, as we start to emerge from Covid restrictions.

“The idea of the Virtual Sounding Board is that they can share any issues that they’re facing, not only with the panel of experts, but also with their peers – who may well be in a similar situation.

“Taking part is an opportunity for business owners to build a community, learn from one another, discuss ideas and hopefully emerge even stronger.

“It could be the most productive hour that you spend on Zoom!”

It’s free to join the Virtual Sounding Board.

All you need to do is register online and come prepared with a topic or challenge that you’d like to discuss.