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Published: July 1, 2020 | Updated: July 1, 2020

Photographer Karla sinks her £50k savings into multi-venue ‘queue-free’ app called Swift

By Andrew Diprose, editor

A Bournemouth woman has designed and self-funded a multi-venue ‘queue-free’ app while juggling her photography career.

The app, called Swift, helps retain social distancing and enables businesses to get back to serving safely.

Karla Gowlett, pictured left, who is originally from Weymouth and has lived for the last three years in East Cliff and Boscombe, sunk £50,000 – all her savings – into the app.

Originally aimed at crowded bars and music venues, it was due to launch in April.

However, it was redirected to take account of Covid-19 after the realisation it could be used as an ordering tool for social distancing.

Karla said: “In the first couple of weeks in lockdown I felt very low staring at the boxes of merchandise in my living room.

“But after seeing a local cafe serving queuing customers while wearing PPE, I realised the issue of queuing hadn’t really vanished – it had transformed. And so must Swift.”

With the encouragement of friends and discussions with the development team, Swift is now on track to provide the queue-free service it intended but now with a wider audience.

The required adjustments to Swift have been completed in time for venues opening on July 4.

The addition of table numbers is in development to also allow table service.

Swift can be downloaded free for customers with no subscription or set-up costs for the business.

Karla, who has a photography studio in East London, said: “Swift’s Pay As You Go model is a fuss-free addition to any venue.

“It keeps your order social, safe and swift!”

Swift is run by Karla, as Founder, with technical skills from development team Ucreate.