Published: September 16, 2020 | Updated: September 16, 2020

Podcastic! Production and marketing agency grows with extra staff and smart new studio

The new acoustically treated studio space at Podcast Labs in Westbourne.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A podcast production and marketing agency launched 12 months ago has expanded with extra staff and a smart new studio.

Maddie Hellyer and Dan Johnston.

Two graduates from Arts University Bournemouth and Bournemouth University have joined Podcast Labs.

Maddie Hellyer is now a member of the promotional team as a Graphic Designer.

She’ll create podcast branding, social media assets, websites and email campaigns to promote the shows and build a loyal audience.

Meanwhile Dan Johnston has joined the technical team as a Sound Technician.

He’ll provide technical support within the recording studio as well as edit and produce upcoming episodes.

Despite the economic impact of the pandemic, Podcast Labs is continuing to push forward by launching new projects with some well-known local brands.

They include Simone Thomas Wellness, Street Agency and Liz Lean PR as well as attracting celebrities such as Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ reality TV star Lydia Clyma and Commonwealth boxing champion, Chris Billam-Smith.

Kelly Butler, Agency Director, said: “When the lockdown started in the UK, it was more important than ever for brands to continue marketing and maintain their online presence.

“The huge engagement rates of podcasts make it the perfect way to position yourselves as the experts and become a trusted source of information.”

During the lockdown Podcast Lab’s Founders, Andy James and Kelly, spent the time building a new studio space in their premises in the heart of Westbourne.

The result is an acoustically treated space for content creators to thrive in both audio and video production.

Andy, who is Managing Director, said: “The studio provides a space for hosts to focus purely on creating great content and in-depth conversations with their guests.

“The team are on hand to look after all the technical aspects, and ensure you achieve the best quality audio for your listeners.

“This is becoming more important than ever as podcasting increases in popularity.”

Kelly Butler and Andy James, Co-Founders of Podcast Labs.

Podcast listenership continues to grow rapidly in the UK with an increase of 18 per cent since March with people working from home looking for new shows to help them learn, laugh and relax.

One of Podcast Lab’s clients, Talent Talks with Martin Smith, focusing on supply chain and procurement, achieved a 842 per cent increase in listeners in the first three months of lockdown.

Kelly said: “The pandemic has moved the growing audio industry a year ahead of itself by boosting the public’s awareness of podcasting.

“It’s clear this growing market will continue to thrive as brands jump on board this new opportunity.”