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Published: July 7, 2020 | Updated: July 7, 2020

PR director launches new ‘no coverage, no fee’ agency offering risk-free option to businesses

David Sanders, Director, PR42.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

A Poole-based PR director, who recently lost his job with cruise giant Carnival, has launched his own PR agency with a ‘no coverage, no fee’ option.

David Sanders, 42, was made redundant from his post as Director, Media & PR, UK & Ireland, for Princess Cruises in Southampton due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He has now set up PR42, offering a raft of services including the ‘no coverage, no fee’ choice.

For businesses taking advantage of the offer there will be no payment due to PR42, unless press coverage is published in pre-agreed media.

The agency, which ‘aims to be as flexible as possible’, says it is on a mission to give local businesses a helping hand.

It is inviting businesses to send proof of address and it will come up with a special price and plan to make their budget stretch even further.

Other services offered include media liaison, event management, copywriting and crisis communications.

It can additionally be hired for longer periods of time, on a contract basis for one-off events and projects, or by the day.

Also available is a PR ‘Power Hour’, where a consultant will give feedback and ideas on a business’ new or existing publicity plans in a shorter 60-minute session.

David, who is a Director in the business with his wife, Katharine, said: “It wasn’t a nice feeling when I was made redundant but I fully appreciate how difficult the current situation is and was determined to do something positive in return.

“As someone who grew up in the local area, and is now happily settled in Poole, my first thought was to help raise the profile of nearby businesses owned by friends and family that have taken a hit during lockdown.

“But then it occurred to me that I could offer support to other nearby firms who are having a similarly tough time of it, so we’ve worked hard to get PR42 up and running as quickly as possible.

“Given the devastating effects of Covid-19 we’re aiming to be as flexible as possible in terms of both what we offer and the prices we charge.

“We thought the ‘no coverage, no fee’ option would be particularly appealing at this time, as it’s a risk-free choice for those who select it.

“If we get press coverage for a business, then their profile and bottom line get a boost; if we don’t then there’s no cost to them.”

Before joining Princess Cruises in 2014, David was Head of Marketing – Retirement at FirstPort (UK).

He’s also held posts at Docklands Light Railway, Olympic Delivery Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority.

His role at Princess Cruises included overseeing all its UK PR including strategy creation and delivery, campaigns, press trips, broadcast opportunities, internal communications and crisis comms.

More information about PR42 can be found at