Premier team: 'Best-kept secret' looking after motoring needs of the nation's top footballers

Rob Boreham, Managing Director/Owner, RB Prestige Cars, with daughter Georgia and son-in-law, Kyran. Picture: Dorset Biz News.

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: July 12, 2022 | Updated: 12th July 2022

It’s been described as Poole’s best-kept secret.

Some of the luxury vehicles on the forecourt at RB Prestige Cars may give an inkling of what goes on inside.

But how many passers-by would guess that the family-owned and run business looks after the motoring needs of some of the nation’s top footballers?

Discretion is everything and Rob Boreham, Owner of RB Prestige, has it down to a fine art so no names pass his lips.

But, he says: “It’s a fact that the little showroom on Ashley Road in Poole that people are passing is dealing with some of the biggest people in sport that they’re watching on TV every weekend.

“I take great pride in that.

“There aren’t many Premier League clubs left that we haven’t got a relationship, or a link, with.

“I wouldn’t say we’ve got all 20 teams but we’ve got a very proud number.

“Also, the Championship, League 1, League 2 and the Women’s Super League.

“We have a presence in all those leagues.

“People raise their eyebrows when they find out how involved we are with the footballers.

“We don’t shout about it and our clients appreciate that.

“We’re proud of what we do but we honour discretion and quietly get on with it.”

Father of four Rob, 45, pictured left, founded RB Prestige in 2017 and now has 27 years in the motor trade.

Previous roles included Group Finance Director at Penton Motor Group (2003-4), Business Manager and then General Manager at Bramshaw (SJC) and Co-Owner of Premier Sports Solutions in 2006.

Years of building relationships with football clubs, player liaison officers, agents and the players themselves has resulted in becoming their first port of call for all things motoring.

The most expensive car he’s been asked to source is a Lamborghini Urus retailing at £240,000.

Rob said: “We’re still very much able to get supercars but, also, all the way down to £10,000 because their allowances might not be so big.

“The majority of our top relationships are with the player direct, often because someone has recommended us to them.

“If it’s not through the player direct then it will be through the player liaison and the relationship we have with the club.

“We’re very lucky to have some very trusted relationships with some top clubs where they’ll say to a new player coming in: ‘You need to speak to Rob’.

“If they don’t speak English, or if it’s new to them, then the player liaison will call us in.

“We’ll go to them and, between us, we’ll work out a deal.”

Player care – looking after the wellbeing and needs of some of our highest-achieving and wealthiest sportsmen and women – has become a massive industry.

It includes private healthcare, housing, schooling, holidays – and cars.

Rob said: “We are very much invested in getting involved with the player, the parents, the agent, the IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers), the player liaison and making sure that player care is in place straight away.

“That sometimes means being brave enough to say to the young lad coming in and wanting a Ferrari, nope you’re having a Fiesta.

“Why? Because of the insurance, your income, the ‘what if’.

“We’ve built that trust with the clubs and, because of my age and my experience, they’ll say: ‘Can you just guide him? And I will.”

Rob is supported in the business by his daughter, Georgia, and son-in-law Kyran.

About 50 per cent of the business is looking after footballers and high-end customers.

The other half is spent providing ‘prestige’ services including used cars, tailored finance, bespoke customisation and specialist vehicles.

Rob said: “When football closed down in the pandemic it was back to our core business – thankfully it kept us doing what we do.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone with £1,000 to spend on their first car or someone with £100,000 or more.

“Whether it’s the first car, the next car or the dream car, they’re our customers and deserve, and will get, the same level of service.”

RB Prestige, which has seen its annual turnover increase by 50 per cent to around £6 million, now has a second site on the Woolsbridge Industrial Estate at Three Legged Cross, pictured.

As well as being used for storage and display, it’s also proved invaluable for the prepping and handover of cars, especially for footballers from South Coast clubs.

Rob said: “We’re coming to the end of our six-year lease in Ashley Road next year.

“I’ve got a soft spot for here as it’s where we built the business but do I still need a showroom?

“We travel all over the country and it’s quite rare now for a footballer to come to the showroom.“

As for the future Rob, who met his wife, Heidi, on the school bus at the age of 11, said the business would continue to proudly highlight its family roots.

He said: “Kyran is a key part of the business and in everything I do, whether that’s helping me source the cars and manage the clients, right the way through to relationships with the agents.

“I think that’s a massive reason why the business has grown because Kyran and Georgia have stepped up.

“He’s learned, he’s developed, he’s added to the business and, with Georgia as well, they’ve both taken us to different levels.

“I couldn’t be prouder of them.”

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