Published: July 24, 2020 | Updated: July 24, 2020

Sarah’s scary ‘wake-up’ call in hospital which led to the creation of her wellbeing business

Sarah Scudamore, Founder, Mumology Movement.
By Andrew Diprose, editor

It was scary.

Very scary.

Sarah Scudamore was in hospital.

Her son, now three, had been delivered by caesarean section.

But a pregnancy-related condition resulted in multiple organ failure.

First her liver, then her kidneys started shutting down.

Desperate attempts to wake her didn’t succeed.

The only way was to induce her into a coma.

The tactic worked and Sarah, amazingly, left hospital within ten days after staging a recovery.

But, she says: “It was a wake-up call.

“It came out of the blue but I had been leading up to it for some time.

“I’d suffered with chronic low back pain and chronic illness since I was a teenager.

“A demanding job with a lot of travel meant that I was constantly juggling and my health suffered.

“Going back to work behind a laptop screen or the wheel of my car just didn’t feel right anymore.

“I wanted flexibility to see my children and also have more time for myself and my health.”

That ‘light-bulb’ moment in hospital led to Sarah, who also goes under the name Sarah Bond, eventually creating her wellbeing, fitness and health business for women.

Now called Mumology Movement it started in May 2018 as a post-natal fitness class with eight women.

Just two years later and – prompted by lockdown – Sarah’s business has, like many, successfully pivoted.

From solely fitness and wellbeing classes and workshops it’s moved, increasingly, online creating a  community for women across the world wanting to improve their health.

Mumology Movement now has three main arms:

  • Strong to the Core – Live and online for women who need to find balance and strength in their bodies. The six-week courses costs £50 and attract up to 25 people via Facebook Live and Zoom.
  • The Beach Club. Nine classes on the beach at Southbourne during the week with half-hour sessions on weekdays and 45-minute classes at weekends. The pay as you go classes cost £5 a session.
  • A newly launched online wellbeing group called The Members Club. With an introductory offer of £3 a week, it supports women to focus on their well-being in bite-sized, sustainable ways from the comfort of their own homes.

“I already have 15 members in the club, and I work with probably around 70 over the course of a week,” said Sarah, 38.

“The women range in ages from their early 30’s to their 70’s but they all share the same goal.

“To improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.”

For Sarah, who did a BSc in sports therapy at the University of Chichester, running her own business is a dream come true.

She said: “I wanted to do something but was full of self-doubt and then procrastinated.

“It’s really taken two years for the business to work as I want it to,

“Lockdown has unquestionably helped me.

“I wanted to put things online but lockdown forced me to do it and it’s now working really well.

“The beauty is that women don’t need to leave their homes now to take part.

“As more women reflect on their life/work balance then that can only work in my favour.”

Sarah lives in Southbourne and has been married to Nic, also 38, for seven years. The couple also have a daughter, aged five.

Future plans include developing the business and increasing the number of people enrolled in The Members Club.

Sarah said: “I’m really proud of the business. I’ve put a lot into it.

“The feedback is so lovely and I feel I’m making a positive difference to so many people.

“I’ve also – and finally – managed to achieve a work/life balance in my own life.”

  • Sarah’s Facebook page can be found here.