Published: September 23, 2020 | Updated: January 27, 2022

Smoothe operator: ‘King of Cool’ Roy sees his record label top Amazon music album charts

By Andrew Diprose, editor

Roy Smoothe’s super cool brand image – distinctive suit and trademark red bowler – have become known across the world.

But now the ‘King of Cool’ has a new claim to fame.

His Bournemouth-based record label, Smoothe Mixx, has beaten some of the biggest names in music to get to the top of the Amazon music charts.

It also scored #1 in Amazon’s R&B & soul genres.

The album ‘Born to Win’ combines the motivational wisdom of charismatic personal development guru Zig Ziglar with uplifting rhythms and chilled R&B & soul vibes edited into musical backing tracks.

It reached No.1 in the Amazon Music album charts on September 6, beating recording artists in all genres and including the R&B & soul chart.

The album’s success was ahead of some of the biggest names in music including Prince, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Smokey Robinson, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Toni Braxton, Donna Summer and Diana Ross and the Supremes.

Roy, who operates from his beach pod office on Southbourne Beach, said: “I was actually quite surprised to see that my collaborative Zig Ziglar album had reached number 1 in the Amazon album chart.

“I hadn’t really been keeping a close eye on the climb up the charts, although I knew it had been doing well.

“But to see that the album had reached the top of the chart really made me feel proud and excited for my client.”

‘Born to Win’ is not the first album Roy has produced combining motivational messages with music but it has created the biggest impact.

His approach is to blend a flowing, upbeat piece of modern instrumental music with stimulating speeches so that the melodies and rhythms work in harmony with the flow of the speaker’s words.

The result is a powerful interweaving of positive thought with stirring and inspirational musical mixes.

The new genre has enabled Roy to motivate, inspire and impact individuals and organisations around the world and bring his musical insights to a new audience, including a high percentage of millennial followers.

His Smoothe Mixx label has generated more than 36m streams across different platforms in recent years.

In the last year, Roy’s tracks have been streamed on average 384,615 times per week.

That adds up to more than 20m streams across all platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

The label is now recognised as the world’s number one personal development music and motivation brand.

Other successful releases have resulted in several #1 best-selling albums and singles.

They include ‘Draw a Line in the Sand’ featuring Roy’s client and friend Greg Reid.

Other projects feature Denis Waitley, best-selling author of the audio series ‘The Psychology of Winning’ and books such as ‘Seeds of Greatness’ and ‘The Winner’s Edge.’

Roy is now working on several other similar collaborations, including projects featuring inspiring messages from personal development leaders including Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Rock Thomas, Sir Clive Woodward and, Bishop TD Jakes.

Kyle Wilson, Founder of Jim Rohn International. said: “Roy has created the most powerful communication tool of the 21st Century.

“His service is outstanding.

“His creativity is genius.”

Roy now intends to curate and showcase the greatest names in personal development by producing a compilation album called ‘Legends of Personal Development.

  • Zig Ziglar ‘Born to Win’ by Zig Ziglar and Roy Smoothe on the Smoothe Mixx label is available to download from Amazon Music in its R&B & Soul genre here.