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Published: November 15, 2021 | Updated: November 16, 2021

Star Tech MD, Matt Peacock, spotlights some driving offences you may not realise are illegal

By Andrew Diprose, editor

As independent specialists in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Smart & Mini, road safety is top of Star Tech Ltd’s list of priorities when it comes to car servicing and repairs.

When it comes to driving offences, people are usually aware of the obvious…breaking the speed limit, drink driving or failing to give way at a junction.

However, there are some less obvious offences that some drivers may regularly commit without even knowing.

Here Matt Peacock, MD of Star Tech in Poole, highlights some of the ways you could unwittingly break the law.


1. Flashing your lights to give way

How often have you allowed drivers to turn or go first ahead of you? This could technically be considered a driving offence if an accident resulted from it. Headlight flashes should only be used to warn drivers of your presence on the road.

2. Letting animals out of the car while broken-down on the hard shoulder

Of course, your first instinct having broken-down would be to get your beloved pet out of the vehicle to be with you on the roadside. However, The Highway Code clearly states that you must leave any animals in a broken-down vehicle when stranded on the hard shoulder.

3. Sleeping in your car whilst inebriated

If you’ve had too much to drink, you quite rightly wouldn’t consider driving. It may seem a better idea to sleep in your car if you have no way of getting home otherwise.

However, in doing so, you could end up with a ‘Drunk in Charge’ fine.

4. Parking on the wrong side of the road at night

It is illegal for motorists to park on the wrong side of the road at night. This is down to the risk of dazzling other drivers with your headlights whilst crossing and your rear light reflectors will not be visible once parked.

This is a driving offence under rule 248 of the Highway Code and can carry a Penalty Charge Notice.

5. Using your phone for Sat Nav in an unfixed position

There’s no excuse to hold your phone whilst driving. The phone must be fixed to the dashboard so it’s in clear sight for use without requiring you to hold it.

6. Parking within 10 metres of a junction

Parking too close to a junction causes other road users approaching the junction to have to steer around the car. Those turning into the junction risk driving into an unexpected car on the wrong side of the road.

7. Driving on the pavement unless you’re turning into a driveway

Rule 244 of the Highway Code states that you must not park fully or even partly on the pavement unless road signs permit it.

If you’re parked in a way to inconvenience pedestrians, you’re causing a driving offence.


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