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Published: November 19, 2019 | Updated: November 21, 2019

Thank you 5,000 times – dorsetbiznews celebrates a real milestone (and we only launched on October 2!)

By Andrew Diprose, editor

A thousand thanks – no make that 5,000 thanks – for looking our way at

On November 19, and less than seven weeks after our launch, our specialist business news website hit a real milestone as the number of unique users went past 5,000 for the first time.

Two things we’ve comprehensively blown out of the water since our October 2 launch.

  1. ‘Business news is grey, boring and dull.’

Not true. Business touches all our lives every minute of every day. Above all, it’s about people. People like us who work in, run and, yes, create businesses. And people love to read about other people.

So no surprise then that two of our people stories – Paul Collins (aka ‘Mr Jaguar’) who retired from the motor industry after 51 years and the inspiring story of Gemma Palladino who came to her dad’s aid after his company faced collapse because of employee theft – have been among our most viewed.

Expect us to run more such stories in the coming months and years as we focus on real people, real businesses, real stories.

  1. ‘Good, positive news stories don’t increase sales or get views.’

Not true. Our experience is that the business community is tired of negative, downbeat stories which is why they’ve been so enthusiastic about our arrival.

Especially when there is so much happening in our great county which is upbeat, positive and successful but, previously, never saw the media light of day.

Contrary to popular opinion people do want to read about companies doing well, winning awards, creating more jobs, carving out new markets both here and abroad. And we have the viewing figures to prove it.

So, please, keep spreading the word about and, of course, let us know at if you have something which will interest our growing readership.

Above all, thank you.

5,000 times.