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"This will cost people their lives" says MD about possibility of scrapping annual MOTs

By Staff Reporter [email protected]

Published: May 16, 2022 | Updated: 30th November 2022

Should this be the end for annual MOTs?

Matt Peacock, MD of Independent Specialists Star Tech Ltd in Poole, gives his opinion on suggestions that the test could be every two years.


The one time of year that fills every motorist with dread is when their car is due it’s MOT. We all know that feeling, wondering if it will pass, fail or how much work will be required to get it to a clean bill of health.

Remembering that brake squeal or judder, those tyres that are getting old and worn or that crack in the windscreen.

Therefore, the news that Grant Shapps has not ruled out the prospect of scrapping annual MOTs may bring relief for some in the hope they won’t have to spend money on the test or much needed repairs as often. Of course, this is of great concern to us as safety for all road users is paramount.

Scrapping MOTs is clearly one area we feel very strongly about and it really needs to be re-evaluated. What is the government thinking?

Put simply, this will cost people their lives on the roads at a time when our infrastructure is reaching full capacity. We can’t imagine the state that some vehicles could be in by the time two years have passed, especially if servicing schedules and maintenance repairs are overlooked due to people’s financial position. Of course, we know that none of our conscientious customers would let their vehicle’s requirements go unnoticed as we work hard to support their safety on the roads. It’s our top priority along with customer care.

Don’t be fooled by the money-saving element put forward by the government. A few years ago the government tried to introduce a scheme called MOT 4-2-2 which was met with much concern from the motor industry and car owners alike. It would mean new car MOTs would be carried out at 4 years old then subsequently every two years. The scheme did not go ahead as there was too much concern about road safety. We feel this is the government’s way of trying to sneak it through on the grounds of the struggling economy and financial burdens on UK households.

There has been a petition started which I have signed and I will also be writing to our MP, Michael Tomlinson, to express my deep concerns. If you feel strongly, perhaps you would like to join me and help to keep our roads safe.

You can fill out the petition here

It is important for UK drivers to understand that no official changes have been implemented and the current rules remain in place.

In the meantime, if you are due an MOT or are concerned about your Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Smart or Mini, call the Star Tech team on 01202 694758.

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